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Mig Wire S-6 OEM National Standard Copper Free 0.035 45lb

NS-115 CopperFree (TM) provides the ultimate in flexibility to support GMAW operations.Cast of 35 (.88m) to 55(1.3m) and Helix below 1 (25.4mm) improve feedabiltiy and provide accurate wire positioning Higher Silicon content reduces the molten metal surface tension, resulting in flatter bead profiles Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 quality standards Excellent arc starts, arc stability and feedability Minimal spatter No copper flaking High level de-oxidizers - Excellent weld appearance and post weld cleaning
Additional Information
Packaging Description:45lb spool
Weld Process:MIG
Grade:S6 Copper Free
Packaging:44lb spool
AWS Spec :ER70S-6
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