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Ready to use Gas Cylinder for Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon and Weld Mixes


Built-In Regulator
No more gas regulators to connect or disconnect.

Built-in Quick Disconnect Gas Hose
No tools required to connect the gas hose.

A 2-stage regulator
Once set, the pressure never drops, unlike a single stage regulator.

Visible Contents Gauge
The live contents gauge allows the user to see how much gas is left in the bottle, eliminating unexpected run outs.

Outlet Flow Indicator
Flow indicator allows user to set the desired working pressure.

Built-In Valve guard
Allows users to transport and use the cylinder without having to connect and reconnect a gas regulator.


Integrated Check Valve
Built-in check valve prevents gas flow from going back into cylinder.

Protected Valve Guard
Ergonomically designed guard, allows for easy handling. The permanent valve guard ensures cylinder is always in compliance whether its in use or not.

Construction Site Compliant
Some job sites require gas regulators be protected while connected to the cylinder. With its built-in valve guard, the ProtoGö is always protected and always site compliant.

Lower Pressure
By having the regulator built right into the cylinder, the user
is now only handling up to 150psi of pressure, instead of up to 4000psi of a standard cylinder.


Lower Investment
No need to purchase a regulator.

Simplified Maintenance
With its integrated regulator, the customer no longer needs to maintain or own a regulator.

ACTMEPROIndustrial145ft MediumIndustrial Grade Acetylene, Size 4 Acetylene Cylinder, CGA-510 (Actual Volume Of Gas In The Cylinder May Fluctuate Based On Numerous Conditions)
O2141PROIndustrial150ft MediumOxygen Medium Protogö Ready To Use Cylinder Refill
O2330PROIndustrial300ft LargeOxygen Large Protogö Ready To Use Cylinder Refill
AR128PROIndustrial150ft MediumArgon Medium Protogo Ready to Use Cylinder
M225PROIndustrial150ft MediumRichmix 225 Protogo Ready to Use Cylinder