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Roofing Propane

Josef Gas supplies the roofing and sheet metal industry with reliable propane to file any size tar kettle. Larger jobs can benefit from our 500 and 1000 tank systems.

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Roofers Propane

Propane Applications in Roofing

Roofing tasks demand precision and efficiency, including the crucial use of roofing torches for sealing and waterproofing, as well as for equipment such as propane heaters and generators. Josef Gas provides convenient propane refueling services, ensuring that roofers have access to the propane they need, precisely when they need it. Whether it’s roofing torches or propane-powered generators, we’ve got your roofing project covered. Whether you need 20lb tanks, 40lb tanks, 100lb tanks, 420lb tanks, or 500 gallon and BBQ tanks, Josef Gas has you covered. Trust us for efficient and reliable propane solutions to keep your roofing jobs on track.

On-Site Propane Refueling for Roofing Contractors

  • On-Site Convenience: Josef Gas offers on-site propane refueling services in 420lb and 500 gallon tanks; eliminating the need for roofing companies to divert their resources for off-site refueling. This convenience streamlines operations, reduces downtime, and helps roofing projects stay on schedule across all propane-powered applications.
  • Safety Assurance: Safety is paramount when working with propane. Josef Gas prioritizes safety by adhering to strict TSSA and Transport Canada (TC) protocols, ensuring that propane refueling and usage are conducted securely and in compliance with industry standards. Roofing companies can trust Josef Gas to maintain a safe working environment for their crews, whether they are using propane torches or other propane-powered equipment.
  • Reliable Supply: Josef Gas guarantees a consistent and reliable supply of roofer propane, eliminating the risk of running out of fuel during critical phases of a job. We provide a reliable propane supply – allowing roofing companies to focus on their work without unnecessary disruptions across all propane-dependent tasks. 100lb, 40lb, 20lb, BBQ tanks, liquid or vapour.