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Spec Gases: Ordering and Delivery

Blended Gases: Tailored Mixes for Diverse Applications

Josef Gas has a full line of ultra high purity spec gases crucial for any industry and specialty gas application. Calibration gases, UHP gases including UHP argon, UHP helium, UHP nitrogen and laser gases are all in stock. Argon, helium, and hydrogen are used in spectrometers for accurate analyses and as a metal processing gas for heat treating. Ultra high purity Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, neon, and krypton, are used to maintain the highest quality standards in many processes ranging from pharmaceutical packaging, electronics manufacturing, to laser cutting.

Certified Purity: Specialty Gases with or Without C of A

Discover certified purity with our specialty gases, available with or without a Certificate of Analysis (C of A). As specialty gas suppliers, we prioritize delivering certified specialty gases tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require meticulous documentation or prefer flexibility, our specialty gas services cater to diverse preferences. Our commitment to certified purity ensures top-notch specialty gases, meeting the highest industry standards. Choose confidence and reliability in every application with our Certified Purity specialty gases and services.