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Cutting Torches, Handles, Outfits

Explore our extensive collection of oxy fuel cutting torches and handles available at Josef Gas, featuring renowned brands such as Smith, Harris, Victor, Purox, and Oxweld. Whether you’re in need of cutting torch handles or a complete oxy acetylene torch kit, we have you covered.

Our selection of torch handles and cutting torch kits meet the diverse requirements of professionals in the welding and metalworking industries. Crafted for optimal performance, our oxy acetylene torch kits ensure clean and precise cuts on a variety of metals. With a focus on precision and versatility, our oxy fuel equipment facilitates efficient metal cutting for fabrication, repair, and construction projects. From the ergonomic design of welding torch handles to seamless compatibility with different fuels, our cutting torch kits are engineered to enhance productivity and safety in your workspace. Elevate your metalworking capabilities today with oxy acetylene cutting torches from Josef Gas.

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Fuels Used for Cutting Torches

Tailored to meet the varied requirements of professionals in the welding and metalworking sectors, our collection of cutting torches and outfits offers compatibility with diverse fuels, including acetylene, and alternative fuels (AF) like Richflame, propane, and propylene. Each fuel option is meticulously chosen to deliver optimal results in specific applications, guaranteeing precise and efficient metal cuts. Our cutting torches are designed to seamlessly integrate with oxy acetylene welding equipment, and are crafted to precisely address the demands of your projects, ensuring top-tier performance.