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Josef Gas offers complete propane services for any forklift users.

Josef Gas offers complete propane services for any forklift users.

Whether you are running a single forklift or a fleet of hundreds we have the service package for you.

With our cylinder exchange program we can accommodate any user with regular scheduled AUTOMATIC deliveries of cylinder Propane for your forklifts, floor sweepers and scissor lifts.

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Propane for Forklift

Propane-powered forklifts offer numerous advantages to businesses, from cost-effectiveness to reduced emissions and improved efficiency. However, maintaining a steady reliable propane supply is crucial for uninterrupted operations. That’s where Josef Gas, a trusted welding gas supplier, comes into play.

Why Josef Gas

  • Convenience: Josef Gas provides on-site propane refilling and propane exchange, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to refill propane tanks. This convenience translates into completely eliminating downtime, and leading to improved operational efficiency for any welding shop, warehousing or transportation company using propane powered forklifts in their operation.
  • Reliability: Josef Gas has a proven track record of providing regular scheduled deliveries of high-quality forklift propane refills and propane exchanges with over 17 delivery vehicles in the GTA daily. Our commitment to reliability ensures that your forklifts will always have access to a consistent and clean propane supply.
  • Cost Savings: By partnering with Josef Gas, our customers benefit from cost-effective propane solutions. Bulk purchasing and efficient delivery methods can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.
  • Safety: Josef Gas places a strong emphasis on safety and compliance. We adhere to strict safety standards, providing peace of mind to businesses using propane-powered forklifts. All of our tanks are TSSA and Transport Canada (TC) approved. Our propane storage cabinets are designed to keep our customers in compliance with local jurisdictions and TSSA regulations and our personnel are trained by TSSA licensed trainers. Our expertise in handling propane ensures that customer’s propane requirements are carried out safely.

Environmental Benefits of Propane Forklifts

Propane is a clean-burning fuel, producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fuels. Using propane forklifts contributes to a more environmentally friendly operation. By selecting Josef Gas as your supplier, you not only gain access to this eco-conscious fuel choice but also support eco-friendly practices that can significantly enhance your company’s environmental impact and reputation.