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Secure Shopping

All of the Site’s transactions are processed over a secure connection, which protects your personal information.  All credit card details are captured over a secure 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  This SSL certificate indicates that a third party has verified the identity of the Site’s Owner and set up an encrypted line of communication between you and the Site.  This means that your credit card number is automatically transferred as part of the transaction process and, unlike a traditional store, no human ever comes into contact with your card number during the approval process.  Furthermore, the Site never stores your credit card information.

Each transaction requires you to provide the Card Verification Value (CVV) of your credit card.  A CVV is a 3 – 4 digit code located on all current credit cards and is used as additional verification to ensure that the cardholder is in possession of the credit card being used.

If you have any concerns about the security of the Site, please contact us at