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Meeting Our Clients Needs


1. Who is Josef Gas, I’ve never heard of you guys?

Josef Gas is a family run company, owned by Joe Stangl, and his son Richard. They were the founders
and original owners of Unitec Industrial Gases, between them they have 70 years experience in
welding equipment and industrial gases!

2. Is Josef Gas a distributor for one of the bigger “gas guys”?

No, Josef Gas is a 100% independent, Canadian owned industrial gas company. We ARE NOT a
distributor for any of the “big guys”.

3. Does Josef Gas sell propane too?

Yes we sell propane for forklifts, for roofers and construction sites for winter heat. In fact we have
the largest single propane storage tank in the GTA!

4. Does Josef Gas sell welding equipment?

Yes, Josef Gas is a fully Authorized Distributor for Lincoln Electric, Miller, ESAB, Victor, Harris, 3M,
Fibremetal, Jackson, J Walter, SAIT, Bernard, Tregaskiss, Bonarc, AGO, American torch Tip, Pferd
Abrasives, Avesta, and Bohler.

5. Does Josef Gas sell welding wires, tig rod and stick electrodes too?

Yes we stock stick electrodes, tig, mig wire, metal core and flux core wires – all spool sizes and all
diameters from all the brand names.

6. Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes our showroom is located within our 3 acre facility at 201 Basaltic Rd, Concord, Ont L4K 1G4, or if
you don’t feel like driving to Concord, call, fax, or email your order.

7. Whose gas cylinders does Josef Gas use to delivery gas?

Being an independent, Josef Gas owns ALL of their own cylinders. That includes all propane, high
pressure gas cylinders, bulk packs and liquid cylinders.

8. Do I buy the cylinders from you, or do I rent them?

At Josef Gas you can rent the cylinders on a monthly basis. You will receive an invoice at the end of
the month charging you for the use of the cylinders.

9. What if I want to buy the cylinders?

If you want to buy cylinders we offer 80, 60, 40, and 20ft3 cylinders for sale. When it’s empty just
bring it in and we will exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. You will only be charged for the
gas refill, unless you want an extra cylinder.

10. Does Josef Gas sell laser gases and ultra high purity gases?

Yes Josef Gas supplies all types of industrial gases and welding gases of varying degrees of purities.

11. I want to switch to Josef Gas but the “big guys” are saying you guys are too small and that you don’t
have all the gases and equipment that my company would need.

Josef Gas is a fully Authorized Distributor for ALL the major welding brands like Lincoln, Miller, ESAB,
Hobart. Furthermore we have the full line of welding gases, industrial gases and propane.

As for our size, Josef Gas operates out of a 3 acre facility that we own. We also maintain the largest
single storage propane tank here at our facility – none of the big guys can say that.

12. How many delivery vehicles does Josef Gas have?

We have 15 cylinder and bulk gas delivery vehicles that are dispatched from our Concord yard daily.

13. What is your delivery area?

Currently we supply the entire GTA, Barrie to the north, Cambridge and Kitchener to the west and
Ajax to the east.

14. We use a lot of welding gas and welding equipment at my shop, can Josef Gas really compete with the
“big guys” on price?

Josef Gas welding equipment costs are identical to the “big guys”. As an Authorized Distributor to the
name brands we all have the same cost structures. When it comes to gas, our low over head, our
long term supply agreements and our 40 year relationships with our gas suppliers ensure that you are
getting the best price and value for anything you buy from Josef Gas.

15. How do I go about switching my gas supplier to Josef Gas?

Easy. Call us at 416-658-1212. One of our Customer Service Reps will speak to you about your needs
and send you a credit application, once approved we can arrange for gas delivery.

16. Can Josef Gas fill another gas company’s gas cylinders?

No, for liability and legal reasons Josef Gas will not refill a competitor’s gas cylinder.

17. Ok, but what if I have gas cylinders from my previous supplier at my shop, how do I get rid of them?

Once approved, Josef Gas will make a gas delivery to your facility. Once our cylinders arrive, you can
contact your current supplier and ask them to stop making delivers to your shop, and request that
they only pick up empty cylinders from now on.

18. Won’t my current supplier’s cylinders get mixed up with yours?

No, Josef Gas cylinders are clearly marked with a bright orange sticker – you can’t miss them! As
well, our cylinders are embossed with our name on the collar and shoulders of all cylinders, and our
propane cylinders have an orange top.

19. Will Josef Gas perform regular automatic deliveries to my shop?

Yes, with our new computer system, if you are set up on a regular route our delivery truck will stop
by your shop automatically. We can schedule 1, twice or multiple deliveries per week if you like!

20. Ok, I know my welding but sometimes I need some technical advice on a welding job I’m working on,
does Josef Gas have a tech rep that can help me?

All of Josef Gas sales reps have vast welding knowledge. If your welding job is particularly
complicated we have 4 reps with formal schooling in welding technologies – we can help!

21. Can I get copies of SDS sheets from Josef Gas?

Yes our MSDS sheets are all available on our
website. They are found under the SDS &
Learning button on the first page, or click here!


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