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Josef Gas is a renowned name in the realm of industrial gas suppliers, excelling in providing top-notch products and services. As a trusted welding gas supplier and compressed gas supplier Josef Gas has earned a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Their comprehensive range of industrial gas products caters to various sectors, meeting the diverse needs of businesses across the commercial landscape. As a leading commercial propane supplier, Josef Gas plays a vital role in ensuring a steady supply of propane gas for home, or making them the go-to choice for anyone seeking a dependable and reputable propane gas supplier.

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Our commitment to the industrial gas business is bar none. We run everything out of our 3 acre facility in Concord; it is here where we maintain our 15 delivery trucks, our over 10,000 industrial gas cylinders and the largest single storage propane tank in the GTA.

No other family run industrial gas supplier can say that. All of this enabled Josef Gas to become the fastest growing industrial gas supplier in the GTA. Visit us at our facility at 201 Basaltic Rd in Concord and see what Josef Gas can do for you.