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1632119820 - Mig Wire ER316Lsi OEM Esab Ok Autrod Hi Silicon .045 15kg Spool Stainless

Packaging: 15kg spool

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$852.15/15kg spool

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OK Autrod 316LSi is a reliable, durable wire designed specifically for welding austenitic stainless alloys. Crafted from a continuous, solid material, this wire boasts exceptional corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use with 18% Cr -8% Ni and 18% Cr -10% Ni -3% Mo alloys.

Featuring excellent resistance to corrosion in both acid and chlorinated environments, OK Autrod 316LSi offers peace of mind in challenging conditions. Additionally, its low carbon content is especially beneficial in preventing intergranular corrosion, mitigating risks effectively. Moreover, the increased silicon content of this wire enhances its welding properties, promoting improved wetting for seamless welding experiences.
Additional Information
Packaging Description:15kg spool
Weld Process:MIG
AWS Spec :ER316LSI
Packaging:15kg spool
Grade:316 HISI


Spec Sheet