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248000101 - Mig Wire OEM Esab 7100 Ultra Dualshield 1.6mm Flux Core E71T All Position 27.2kg Spool Steel

Packaging: 27.2kg spoo

Package Price:

$502.66/27.2kg spoo

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The Dual Shield 7100 Ultra is a highly versatile welding wire that stands out among other Dual Shield products. It offers a wide parameter range, ensuring optimal performance in various welding applications. Additionally, this wire produces minimal welding fumes, making it a cleaner and safer choice.

One notable advantage of the Dual Shield 7100 Ultra is its low spatter levels, which greatly reduces the need for post-weld cleanup. It also boasts easy slag removal, further streamlining the welding process.

What sets this product apart is its compatibility with different gases. It can be used with either 100% CO2 or 75% Ar/25% CO2, giving fabricators the freedom to choose the ideal gas for their specific needs. This flexibility in gas selection allows for greater customization and efficiency in both wire and gas selection.
Additional Information
Packaging Description:27.2kg spoo
Weld Process:Flux Core
Spool Size:60lb Coil
AWS Spec :E71T-1
Position:All Position


  • Railcar
  • Earth moving equipment
  • General structural steel fabrication


Spec Sheet