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15L706 - Grind Wheel Flex Cut Walter Type 29 A36Xflex 7X7/8 60 Grit Steel, Alum, Stainless

Packaging: 25 in a pack

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$497.00/25 in a pack

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For over 25 years, FLEXCUT™ has been the top choice flexible grinding wheel, renowned for its exceptional performance on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its unique formulation ensures unrivaled removal power without any issues of clogging or loading. With its innovative Diamond-Cut pattern, this wheel guarantees high removal rates and cool grinding, making it the perfect one-step finishing solution that saves you costs.
Additional Information
Packaging Description:25 in a pack
Used to Grind:Steel or Stainless or Aluminum
Diameter (in):7"
Thickness (in):n/a
Arbor (in):7/8"


  • Aluminum
  • Other non-ferrous metals
  • Steel, stainless steel
  • Grinding various metals without gouging
  • Removing welds and leaving a smooth finish
  • Working on curved surfaces


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