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Argon / Helium

Argon and Helium mixtures are used mainly when welding Nickel based alloys and Aluminum. The mode of transfer is either spray transfer or pulsed spray transfer. The addition of Helium provides a more fluid weld pool, flatter bead shape and increased travel speeds.
Helium reduces the appearance of Hydrogen pores in welds using Aluminum and Magnesium fillers with 5000 series base alloys. The Argon provides excellent arc starting and promotes a cleaning action on Aluminum.

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Richmix 325, 350, 375 SDS

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Richmix Welding Gases
M325L75%/25%300ft LargeRichmix 325 Large Cyl Refill
M325M75%/25%150ft MediumRichmix 325 Medium Refill
M350L50%/50%150ft MediumRichmix 350 Large Cyl Refill
M350M50%/50%150ft MediumRichmix 350 Med Cyl Refill
M375L25%/75%300ft LargeRichmix 375 Large Cyl Refill
M375M25%/75%150ft MediumRichmix 375 Med Refill