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165316R150 - Tig Rod OEM Esab Ok ER309L 1.6mm Stainless 5kg Tube

Packaging: 5kg tube

Package Price:

$313.90/5kg tube

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OK Tigrod 309L is a corrosion-resistant welding rod made of chromium-nickel alloy. It is designed specifically for welding similar steels that contain 24% chromium and 13% nickel. In addition, it can be used to weld buffer layers on CMn steels and to join dissimilar materials.

To ensure optimal results when using OK Tigrod 309L for buffer layers and dissimilar joints, it is important to carefully control the dilution of the weld. This welding rod offers good general corrosion resistance, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

However, when it comes to joining dissimilar materials, the corrosion resistance becomes of lesser importance compared to its overall welding capabilities. Trust OK Tigrod 309L to provide reliable and efficient welding performance for your projects.
Additional Information
Packaging Description:5kg tube
Weld Process:TIG
AWS Spec :ER309L
Packaging:10lb tube


Spec Sheet