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10N49 - Nozzle Cup Alumina For Tig 10N49 #5 5/16 Orifice For 17,18,26 Series Tig Torch

Packaging: 10 in a pack

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$15.10/10 in a pack

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Enhance your welding experience with the Weldcraft™ Alumina Nozzle, #5 (5/16"), packed in sets of ten. Designed for compatibility with an array of torch models, including A-150, A-200, A-250, W-350, W-410, W-225 Modular, and W-500 Pencil Auto TIG torches. Elevate the quality and precision of your welds with this exceptional Alumina Nozzle.
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Packaging Description:10 in a pack
Item:Nozzle Cup