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11T062 - Zipcut Wheel Walter A60Zip Type 1 Steel/Stainless 6" X.045X

Packaging: 25 in a pack

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$294.00/25 in a pack

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Introducing ZIPCUT™, the market's top-performing cut-off wheel. With its impressive speed, cooler operation, and enhanced durability, ZIPCUT™ ensures optimal performance while minimizing the risk of bending or twisting. Say goodbye to uneven cuts - ZIPCUT™ guarantees a precise, straight result every single time. Safeguarding worker well-being and boasting the industry's lowest cost-per-cut, this wheel is a game-changer. Its exclusive packaging provides superior protection, while its extended lifespan ensures long-term usage. Experience the unparalleled benefits of ZIPCUT™ - fast, effortless cutting and unrivaled safety thanks to its innovative heavily reinforced design and patented Integrated Rib Design.
Additional Information
Packaging Description:25 in a pack
Used to Cut:Steel or Stainless
Diameter (in):6"
Thickness (in):.045
Arbor (in):7/8"


  • Cast iron
  • Sheet metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • High performance cutting