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Tig Accessories

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What sets TIG welding apart from other welding techniques?

Known for precision and finesse, TIG welding utilizes a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create welds, adding filler material as necessary. Unlike MIG welding, it doesn’t rely on a continuously fed wire electrode.

Celebrated for its exceptional arc control, it’s perfect for intricate work. In TIG welding accessories, key components like TIG welding nozzles, ceramic cups, collets and collet bodies, tungsten, and gas regulators are crucial for clean welds. Explore our curated collection for professional-grade results in the art of TIG welding. Josef gas carries the full range of tungsten, PureTung, 2% Thoriated, Ceriated, E3, Lathanated, and Zirconiated. We also carry tig collets, tig coller body and tig ceramic cups.