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Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic gas. Nitrogen is mainly used as a purge gas. It can also be used in food packaging for freezing and preserving. It is also used in some plasma cutting applications, and heat treating production. Nitrogen is the most plentiful gas in our atmosphere which is comprised of 78% Nitrogen.

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Industrial Pure Gases
NZ20Industrial20ftNitrogen 20Ft Refill
NZ40Industrial40ftNitrogen 40Ft Refill
NZ60Industrial60ftNitrogen 60Ft Refill
NZ80Industrial80ftNitrogen 80Ft Refill
NZ128Industrial150ft MediumNitrogen Medium Refill
NZ304Industrial300ft LargeNitrogen Large Refill
NZ4500Industrial500ft - 4500psiNitrogen 4500 Refill
LNZ240Industrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Nitrogen 240L Refill Industrial Grade
LNZ240-22Industrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Nitrogen Refill 240L 22psi Industrial Grade
LNZ240-50Industrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Nitrogen Refill 240L 50psi Industrial Grade
BPNZIndustrialBP3000 - 3000psiNitrogen Bulk Pack 14 Refill 2400psi
BPNZ45IndustrialBP4500 - 4500psiNitrogen 4500 Bulk Pack 14 Refill 4500 psi
Food Gases
NZ304FGIndustrial300ft LargeNitrogen Large Refill Food Grade
LNZ240-50FGIndustrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Nitrogen Refill 240L 50psi Food Grade
LNZ240FGIndustrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Nitrogen 240L Refill 350psi Food Grade
Spec Gases
NZ304UHPUHP 5.0300ft LargeNitrogen Large UHP 5.0 Refill