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Helium / Argon / CO2

A three part welding mix blend is popular for both Carbon and stainless steel weld materials. For short circuit transfer the addition of Helium in an Argon/CO2 blend broadens the penetration profile and reduces the tendency of incomplete fusion.
For Stainless Steel applications, Helium additions of up to 90% in Argon and CO2 on short circuit transfers reduce spatter, improve puddle fluidity and offer a flatter weld bead shape.

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Richmix 592 SDS

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Richmix Welding Gases
M586L85%/14%/1%300ft LargeRichmix 586 Large Cyl Refill
M5928090%/7.50%/2.5%80ftRichmix 592 80 Cu Ft Cyl Refill
M592L90%/7.50%/2.5%300ft LargeRichmix 592 Large Cyl Refill
M592M90%/7.50%/2.5%150ft MediumRichmix 592 Med Cyl Refill