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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a tasteless, colourless, odourless, non-flammable gas. It is primarily used in welding applications. It is also used in preserving certain foods.

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Specialty Industrial Pure Gases
CO220Industrial20ftCO2 20 Lb Cylinder
CO275Industrial75lbCO2 75Lb Refill
CO275DTIndustrial300ft LargeCO2 Dip Tube 75Lb Refill
LCO2240Industrial240L Liquid CylLiquid C02 240L Refill
BPCO2IndustrialBulk PackCO2 Bulk Pack 14 Refill
Laser Mixes
CO275LZRLaser300ft LargeCO2 Laser Grade 75Lb Refill
Food Gases
CO275FGIndustrial300ft LargeCO2 75Lb Refill Food Grade
LCO2240FGIndustrial240L Liquid CylLiquid C02 240L Refill Food Grade
Spec Gases
CO24080UHP 4.080ftCO2 4.0 80Ft Cylinder Refill
CO250BDBone Dry50lbCO2 Bone Dry 2.6 50Lb Refill
CO250UHPUHP 4.850lbCO2 UHP 4.8 50Lb Refill