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Argon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic gas. Argon is an inert gas used to displace impurities in the metal forming and casting industries. In welding it is used as a shielding gas to create an optimum environment for the weld pool in MIG and TIG welding processes.

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Pure Gases
AR20Industrial20ftArgon 20Ft Refill
AR40Industrial40ftArgon 40Ft Refill
AR60Industrial60ftArgon 60Ft Refill
AR80Industrial80ftArgon 80Ft Refill
AR128Industrial150ft MediumArgon Medium Refill
AR333Industrial300ft LargeArgon Large Refill
AR4500Industrial500ft - 4500psiArgon 4500 Refill
LAR240Industrial240L Liquid CylLiquid Argon 240L Refill
BPARIndustrialBP3000 - 3000psiArgon Bulk Pack 14 Refill
BPAR45IndustrialBP4500 - 4500psiArgon 4500 Bulk Pack 14 Refill
Food Gases
AR333FGIndustrial300ft LargeArgon Large Food Grade Refill
Spec Gases
AR333UHPIndustrial300ft LargeArgon Large UHP Refill