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Argon / Oxygen

Argon/Oxygen blends attain axial spray transfer at lower currents than Argon/CO2 mixtures. The weld pool is more fluid and the droplet sizes are smaller with Argon/O2 vs Argon/CO2. Argon/O2 blends also provide increased travel speeds, especially on thinner weld materials. Both stainless and Carbon steels can benefit from the use of Argon/Oxygen blends.

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Richmix 102, 105 SDS

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Richmix Welding Gases
M1024598%/2%500ft - 4500psiRichmix 102 4500 Cyl Refill
M102L98%/2%300ft LargeRichmix 102 Large Cyl Refill
M102M98%/2%150ft MediumRichmix 102 Med Cyl Refill
BP10595%/5%BP3000 - 3000psiRichmix 105 Large Bulkpack Refill
M105L95%/5%300ft LargeRichmix 105 Large Cyl Refill