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Argon / CO2 / Oxygen

This three part blend can be used on all modes of weld transfer. The high percentage of Argon reduces spatter on Argon steel welding of all thicknesses. It is a universal mixture that can be used with all types of Carbon steel, thick or thin.

Safety Data Sheets

Richmix 503, 510 SDS

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Richmix Welding Gases
BP5034590%/7%/3%BP4500 - 4500psiRichmix 503 4500 Bulkpack Refill
M5034590%/7%/3%500ft - 4500psiRichmix 503 4500 Cyl Refill
M5038090%/7%/3%80ftRichmix 503 80Ft Cyl Refill
BP50390%/7%/3%BP3000 - 3000psiRichmix 503 Large Bulkpack Refill
M503L90%/7%/3%300ft LargeRichmix 503 Large Cyl Refill
M503M90%/7%/3%150ft MediumRichmix 503 Med Cyl Refill
BP5104590%/5%/5%BP4500 - 4500psiRichmix 510 4500 Bulkpack Refill
BP51090%/5%/5%BP3000 - 3000psiRichmix 510 Large Bulkpack Refill
M510L90%/5%/5%300ft LargeRichmix 510 Large Cyl Refill
M510M90%/5%/5%150ft MediumRichmix 510 Med Cyl Refill