Farm And Pest Control Propane Suppliers For The Greater Toronto Area

June 5, 2019 1:08 pm

Propane is widely used across many industries, for many different applications, including farming. Josef Gas is a family-owned and operated propane supplier with our own fleet of delivery vehicles in the greater Toronto area. Whether you need lots of propane on a regular delivery schedule or smaller amounts delivered less frequently, or even an occasional tank that you pick up when you need it, we have the flexibility to provide the propane you need, in the most convenient way possible.

Drying Crops & Produce – If you’re growing crops or storing produce that are easily damaged by a too-moist environment, you’re probably already familiar with how critical it is to have propane on hand for when it’s needed. If you’re caught up short by unexpected weather and find you need more propane on short notice between regular deliveries, we’ve got you covered. In many cases, we can arrange same-day delivery for urgent needs.

Greenhouse Heating – Greenhouse crops depend on reliable heating, and for many operations, that requires a dependable supply of propane. If you’re just getting started with greenhouse heating, we’ll work with you to adjust your delivery amounts and frequency until it’s “just right,” and you’re ordering in the most cost-effective way possible.

Animal Enclosures – Like greenhouse heating, heating animal enclosures like hen houses and brooders, piggeries, or even horse barns takes a good deal of propane part of the year, and a minimal amount the rest of the year. If you’ve already learned how much propane you need in each season, you’re in great shape, and we’ll be happy to cater to the schedule you know you need. If you’re still dialing in your heating routine, we can help you analyze what you’re using and how you’re using it to make sure you’re ordering amounts and formats that make the best sense and give you the best value possible.

Pest Control – Direct flame pest control can be a very effective way to kill parasites and insects without exposing your crops or animals to chemicals. The need for such measures isn’t always predictable, though, so if you need extra propane to wipe out pests and sanitize your dirt floors, we’ll add it to your next scheduled delivery or, if your need is urgent, deliver it between scheduled drop-offs.

Propane Suppliers For Your GTA Farm Needs

Whether you’re running a small organic farm or a larger operation, setting up regular delivery that can be adjusted by season helps everything run more smoothly. Choosing an independent propane supplier that operates locally and owns its own fleet of delivery vehicles brings you individualized service and flexibility, which ultimately gets you more cost-effective propane. Call or contact us online, or visit the Josef Gas showroom in Concord to learn more!