Axial Spray Transfer Shielding Gases Delivered In The GTA

June 28, 2019 12:34 pm

For MIG welding on thick, flat, horizontal surfaces, axial spray transfer is an extremely effective and very common method of metal transfer. As several hundred droplets of metal are deposited along the edge of the arc each second, you’ll get a large weld puddle with less spatter and slag, and it’s an ideal method for projects that require a high deposition rate.

Shielding Gas Blends For Axial Spray

Most commonly, a shield gas blend containing a high percentage of argon is used in axial spray work. Argon-Carbon dioxide (Ar/CO2) and Argon-Oxygen (Ar/O2) blends are the most common, though there are many other shielding gas blends created for specific applications of axial spray transfer. Ar/O2 blends allow axial spray transfer at lower current, with a more fluid weld pool and smaller droplets than a blend with CO2. Ar/O2 blends are used for stainless steel and certain carbon steel applications and higher-oxygen blends work well with heavier-gauge material. Shield gas blends that use CO2 instead of oxygen are commonly used for many carbon steel applications, and offers broader penetration, in general.

Electrodes In Axial Spray Transfer

Axial Spray Transfer uses solid or metal-core electrodes, and these methods offers higher efficiency in electrode processing than others may provide: Up to 98% efficiency. It may take some experimentation to learn which electrodes work best with your specific equipment and applications because different manufacturers build varying types of arc stabilizers in their electrodes.

Consistent Quality In Gas Blends

While it’s true that argon shield gas blends cost more than pure carbon dioxide gases, those blends provide optimized welding solutions for specific applications. That means you can produce reliably effective work with less waste and rework, and you’ll build a process that gives reproducible results, time after time. Of course, consistent results rely on precise, consistent gas blends. Josef Gas’ RICHMIX welding gases are recognized by the Canadian Welding Bureau, and deliver consistent blends of pure gases, each formulated for a specific set of applications.

Shield Gas Blends For Axial Spray, Delivered In The GTA

Josef Gas is an independent supplier of industrial gases and operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles through the greater Toronto area (GTA). When you call or stop by our Concord showroom, you’ll be talking to an experienced welder, so if you need help choosing the right gas blend or electrodes for your axial spray transfer work, you’ll get the expert advice you need, right on the spot.


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