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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Axial Spray Transfer Shielding Gases Delivered In The GTA

For MIG welding on thick, flat, horizontal surfaces, axial spray transfer is an extremely effective and very common method of metal transfer. As several hundred droplets of metal are deposited along the edge of the arc each second, you’ll get a large weld puddle with less spatter and slag, and it’s an ideal method for projects that require a high deposition rate.

Shielding Gas Blends For Axial Spray

Most commonly, a shield gas blend containing a high percentage of argon is used in axial spray work. Argon-Carbon dioxide (Ar/CO2) and Argon-Oxygen (Ar/O2) blends are the most common, though there are many other shielding gas blends created for specific applications of axial spray transfer. Ar/O2 blends allow axial spray transfer at lower current, with a more fluid weld pool and smaller droplets than a blend with CO2. Ar/O2 blends are used for stainless steel and certain carbon steel applications and higher-oxygen blends work well with heavier-gauge material. Shield gas blends that use CO2 instead of oxygen are commonly used for many carbon steel applications, and offers broader penetration, in general.

Electrodes In Axial Spray Transfer

Axial Spray Transfer uses solid or metal-core electrodes, and these methods offers higher efficiency in electrode processing than others may provide: Up to 98% efficiency. It may take some experimentation to learn which electrodes work best with your specific equipment and applications because different manufacturers build varying types of arc stabilizers in their electrodes.

Consistent Quality In Gas Blends

While it’s true that argon shield gas blends cost more than pure carbon dioxide gases, those blends provide optimized welding solutions for specific applications. That means you can produce reliably effective work with less waste and rework, and you’ll build a process that gives reproducible results, time after time. Of course, consistent results rely on precise, consistent gas blends. Josef Gas’ RICHMIX welding gases are recognized by the Canadian Welding Bureau, and deliver consistent blends of pure gases, each formulated for a specific set of applications.

Shield Gas Blends For Axial Spray, Delivered In The GTA

Josef Gas is an independent supplier of industrial gases and operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles through the greater Toronto area (GTA). When you call or stop by our Concord showroom, you’ll be talking to an experienced welder, so if you need help choosing the right gas blend or electrodes for your axial spray transfer work, you’ll get the expert advice you need, right on the spot.


Propane Gas For Your Cabin, RV, or Boat in Mississauga

Summer is here and that means it’s time to start planning outdoor recreation time! Whether you’ll be heading to your cabin, taking the trailer or RV out camping, or spending your days boating on the lake, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got a reliable supplier of propane gas at competitive prices in the Mississauga area. Plan ahead and you may be able to save time and money by buying propane gas for multiple trips at one time.

Propane Gas For Cooking On Trailers, RV’s And Boats

Many trailers, RV’s and boats use bottled propane gas for cooking, though if you’re planning to spend a lot of time using those cooking facilities, you may want to consider using an adaptor and a larger canister as a more economical way to enjoy cooking on the road or on the lake throughout the spring and summer. If your boat or RV refrigeration, water heating, and space heating also use propane gas, don’t forget to factor those uses when you’re ordering.

Propane Gas For Generators And Lighting

Even if you’re planning to camp in a tent, if your setup includes a portable generator or gas lights, you’ll need propane gas for these, as well as cooking and any tent heaters you may need to run. If you’re going to be using several pieces of equipment that run on propane gas, it may be more convenient and affordable – and definitely more environmentally friendly – to go with larger, refillable cylinders, instead of a bunch of the small, disposable bottles sold at box stores.

Turn Camping To ‘Glamping’ With A Propane Mosquito Trap

If you’ve got friends or family members who don’t want to go camping because of all the mosquitoes, a propane-powered mosquito trap may be a game changer! These portable units can easily be used in a camping ground or near a cabin to get rid of many types of insects, especially mosquitoes. The unit generates carbon dioxide to attract the insects, then sucks them into a trap where they won’t be bothering you any longer.

Propane Gas For Every Adventure 

If you’re in the Mississauga area and you’ll be needing propane gas to fuel your upcoming adventures, Josef Gas has you covered! Stop by our showroom or give us a call and we’ll help you find the best solutions for your propane gas-powered boating and camping gear.



Farm And Pest Control Propane Suppliers For The Greater Toronto Area

Propane is widely used across many industries, for many different applications, including farming. Josef Gas is a family-owned and operated propane supplier with our own fleet of delivery vehicles in the greater Toronto area. Whether you need lots of propane on a regular delivery schedule or smaller amounts delivered less frequently, or even an occasional tank that you pick up when you need it, we have the flexibility to provide the propane you need, in the most convenient way possible.

Drying Crops & Produce – If you’re growing crops or storing produce that are easily damaged by a too-moist environment, you’re probably already familiar with how critical it is to have propane on hand for when it’s needed. If you’re caught up short by unexpected weather and find you need more propane on short notice between regular deliveries, we’ve got you covered. In many cases, we can arrange same-day delivery for urgent needs.

Greenhouse Heating – Greenhouse crops depend on reliable heating, and for many operations, that requires a dependable supply of propane. If you’re just getting started with greenhouse heating, we’ll work with you to adjust your delivery amounts and frequency until it’s “just right,” and you’re ordering in the most cost-effective way possible.

Animal Enclosures – Like greenhouse heating, heating animal enclosures like hen houses and brooders, piggeries, or even horse barns takes a good deal of propane part of the year, and a minimal amount the rest of the year. If you’ve already learned how much propane you need in each season, you’re in great shape, and we’ll be happy to cater to the schedule you know you need. If you’re still dialing in your heating routine, we can help you analyze what you’re using and how you’re using it to make sure you’re ordering amounts and formats that make the best sense and give you the best value possible.

Pest Control – Direct flame pest control can be a very effective way to kill parasites and insects without exposing your crops or animals to chemicals. The need for such measures isn’t always predictable, though, so if you need extra propane to wipe out pests and sanitize your dirt floors, we’ll add it to your next scheduled delivery or, if your need is urgent, deliver it between scheduled drop-offs.

Propane Suppliers For Your GTA Farm Needs

Whether you’re running a small organic farm or a larger operation, setting up regular delivery that can be adjusted by season helps everything run more smoothly. Choosing an independent propane supplier that operates locally and owns its own fleet of delivery vehicles brings you individualized service and flexibility, which ultimately gets you more cost-effective propane. Call or contact us online, or visit the Josef Gas showroom in Concord to learn more!

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