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Monthly Archives: December 2016

3 Popular Uses For Propane At Mississauga Businesses

Forklift Propane MississaugaPropane remains an extremely popular fuel source among businesses. It is convenient to locate and purchase. It burns clean, making the air safer to breathe. It can safely be stored for long periods of time, and it’s affordable. It’s also extremely versatile, widely used across many different types of products. Propane can just as easily be used to fire up the BBQ or to heat patios as it can be used to fuel vehicles. For all of these reasons and more, the use of propane at Mississauga businesses is exploding.

Here are three of the most popular uses for propane at our Mississauga business clients.

3 Ways Propane Is Used By Mississauga Businesses

  1. Forklift Fuel. Propane is a very popular fuel for forklifts due to many of the benefits we mentioned above. It burns clean so it can be safely used indoors and outdoors. The fuel cylinders are portable and easily stored so you can place large orders well in advance of your need for the fuel and are guaranteed to have it on hand when you need it. It’s also a more cost-effective fuel than gas and changing out tanks is quick, easy, and safe.
  1. Space Heaters. Heating is one area that is often overlooked as a potential use for propane. Winter in Mississauga is cold! Propane-powered space heaters can warm up cold garages and warehouses and since small tanks are portable, they can be moved with the heater to areas that need heat the most. One of the big advantages of propane for heating is that it can be safely stored outside even in sub-zero temperatures.
  1. Backup Generators. Again, the safety and reliability of propane is a major reason why it is used to power standby or backup generators. Power loss can be costly for businesses, but purchasing a backup generator guards against this. Propane powered generators help businesses stay open or keep critical functions up and running when the power goes out. If your business already uses propane for forklifts or other functions, you don’t even need to buy special fuel – you already have it on hand.

Ensure A Year-Round Supply Of Propane In Mississauga With Josef Gas

Businesses that rely on propane also need a reliable propane supplier. Count on Josef Gas for on-time delivery, year-round. We have the largest single propane storage tank in the GTA! Call us at 416.658.1212 or email info@josefgases.com to get set up on a regular delivery schedule so you never have to worry about having enough propane on hand for your needs!



Can You Save Money On Industrial Gases In Brampton? Maybe, With Help From Josef Gas

Forklift scales with 33sIndustrial gases in Brampton can be pricey, which is why you need to work with Josef Gas. We specialize in local delivery and work closely with our customers to determine the best supply options for their needs. Those options may include: cylinder size, delivery schedule, flow, pressure, volume, or even gas selection, any one of which can affect the price you pay for your industrial gases in Brampton.

How Supply Options Affect The Pricing Of Industrial Gases In Brampton

Industrial gases may be liquid or gas and are provided in a variety of supply options, each one affecting pricing in some way.

  • Cylinder Size And Volume. Bigger cylinders cost more, but they provide more gas, lasting longer. Still, that doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. The size cylinder you order should be based on how much gas you use. It can be just as wasteful to order a large cylinder and let it sit around for months before it runs out, if ever. A smaller cylinder size could work just as well and even cost you less in the long run.
  • Delivery Schedule. How frequently you receive deliveries can have an impact on the price you pay. Are you paying for the gas or for delivery charges? Are your deliveries at odd times or on a special route, leading to price increases? Can you save money by stocking up on gas, having fewer deliveries, or changing your delivery site? What about bulk order pricing?
  • Flow And Pressure. The amount of gas that flows out of the cylinder will affect how much you use. Pressure regulators ensure safe operation and optimal flow. Check your regulators, valves, and hoses to make sure they are operating properly. If they aren’t, replace them for better efficiency and effectiveness. While you’re at it, make sure you have the right regulator for your system and gas. Carbon dioxide is a common culprit in regulators freezing up and requires a special model.
  • Gas Selection. Some gases are more expensive than others. While it’s true that certain applications require certain gases, others don’t. If you’ve been using the same gas for years and aren’t sure you needed to, contact Josef Gas for help. We can discuss your applications and help you find out if there is a more economical alternative to your current gas.

Let Josef Gas Help You Stretch Your Gas Budget

As you can see, there are plenty of variables that can affect the price of industrial gases in Brampton. Your best course of action is to get some expert advice and hard prices so you can do a cost comparison and select the best gases for your needs.

Contact Josef Gas at 416.658.1212 or info@josefgases.com to get started. Whatever your need, we can help determine the most economical supply method of industrial gases for Brampton businesses.

Welding Suppliers In Mississauga Help Make Your Processes Safer

Welding is an inherently dangerous job. Working with flammable gases, open flames, and metal can cause injuries to a welder’s skin and eyes if they do not have adequate protection. That’s why welding companies or businesses that employ welders must make sure they have safety gear on hand for every welder, for every job. Welding suppliers in Mississauga like Josef Gas can help you make sure your safety gear is up to snuff and readily available when you need it.

Protect Welders With Safety Gear

As an employer it is your duty to provide a safe working environment for your employees. When it comes to welding that means not only maintaining equipment in safe operating condition and ensuring adequate ventilation and space is available to your welders but it also means having basic safety gear on hand and making sure employees know what they need to do to keep themselves safe on the job.

The most common injuries welders experience are burns from sparks that land on uncovered skin, but eye damage is a big concern too.

To Prevent These Injuries, Welders Need:

  • fire resistant clothing or aprons made with wool or chemically-treated fire-retardant fabrics
  • safety glasses that protect from sparks and UV radiation
  • closed-toed leather boots
  • leather gloves
  • helmet with visor or eye protection (yes, even if you’re already wearing safety glasses!)
  • ear plugs
  • respirators to protect against fumes and oxides

Eye protection is especially important because the damage can go undetected. Unlike sparks, which you can see and feel on your skin, UV radiation is hard to detect. You can’t see it but you can feel the heat.  Eye protection is needed for all welding operations but some types of welding like arc welding, plasma arc cutting, gouging, or welding, and air carbon arc welding require full-face protection.

Josef Gas Works With Welding Suppliers In Mississauga To Keep Welders Safe On The Job

Josef Gas has roots in the welding industry that go all the way back to 1969. That’s when our founder, Joe Stangl started supplying welding products and solutions. Now we sell all of the safety equipment you need to keep your welders safe in the workplace! We even have employees with formal training in welding to answer your questions and make sure you get the right safety gear for your needs.

Call Josef Gas at 416.658.1212 or contact us online at info@josefgases.com to receive a quote or to speak to someone about your specific needs.


Source Portable Welding Machines In Mississauga At Josef Gas

Not all welding takes place on the factory floor. Just as often, welders are on the move and that means their equipment has to move with them. Portable welding machines make on-the-go welding possible. Source those welding machines in Mississauga at Josef Gas. We are the only source you need to create a successful mobile welding business!

Where Portable Welding Machines Are Used

Portable welding machines are used in many different applications. They can be found on the shop floor, on construction sites, at pipelines, and even underwater. They are used by small and large businesses that bring their welding services to their customers. One thing all of these locations have in common is a demand for welding machines that are lightweight, durable, and reliable.

Features Of Portable Welding Machines

Portable Welding Machines Must Be:

  • lightweight
  • have a small footprint to fit in trailers, trucks, and vans
  • durable
  • reliable
  • flexible, multi-process models
  • easy to use, not complicated

The Best Machines Also Boast:

  • heat sensing features to prevent overheating.
  • monitors to keep tabs on the current and voltage.
  • modern ergonomics for ease of handling.
  • wireless technology to reduce the number of cords needed.
  • auto-sensing features that automatically adjust shielding gas needs based on data like material, thickness, and wire diameter.

Keep in mind that all portable welding machines need a power source. Some portable welding machines can be plugged into power outlets, but for areas where there is no electrical power, you’ll need a standalone power source. Diesel or gas powered generators are often used because there is such a wide range of options as far as voltage, size, power, and fuel demands. You can size the generator to power not just the welding machine but also plasma cutters and other power tools that may be necessary for the job.

Contact Josef Gas For Portable Welding Machines In Mississauga

There are many features that are consistent across portable welding machines but that doesn’t mean that all machines are the same. You still need to do your research and choose the best machine for your business demands, transportation capabilities, and budget. That’s where Josef Gas can help you. We have a team of welding experts on staff who would just love to discuss your challenges and build a solution. We work with all the major welding equipment brands to identify the absolute best products for your welding needs.

Call us at 416.658.1212 for all your portable welding machines needs in Mississauga.

We Can Help You Source:

  • welding machines
  • plasma cutters
  • wire feeders
  • cutting torches
  • assorted tools and safety equipment
  • shielding gases
  • hoses, cords, and connectors
  • MIG and TIG accessories
  • grinders

Visit www.josefgases.com to learn more about our welding experience.


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