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Source Dual Types Of Fume Control Welding Supplies at Brampton’s Josef Gas

Fume control is a major concern at welding sites, particularly indoor sites, and especially in the immediate vicinity of the weld. Gas fumes, smoke, dust, oil mist, and paint can all pollute the air around welding operations. Workers can suffer from short and long-term sickness if they are exposed to fumes for too long. When opening windows and doors and running fans isn’t enough to keep the air clear, you’ll need to look into other welding fume control options. The most effective fume control welding supplies at Brampton suppliers minimize pollutants and improve air quality, enhancing the safety of operations and the well being of the welders.

Without any government guidance on what specific equipment should be used to minimize fume exposure, it’s up to workplace managers, welders, the industry itself, and welding suppliers to determine what equipment and methods can best keep welders safe. Right now, fume control falls into two main categories:

  1. Extraction controls.
  2. Filtration controls.

We’ll take a look at each of these types of controls in turn to help you determine which controls would work best in your particular environment or situation.

Extraction Controls

Extraction controls remove fumes and gases from the area at the source. Hooded vents, vacuum extraction systems, and exhaust systems can all be used to pull contaminated air away from the operator and expel it to the outside environment or open air. Extraction controls may be large systems used to clear the air for an entire group of welders in a large area or they can be small, portable systems that clear the air around one particular user.

Filtration Controls

Filtration controls are not intended to remove the fumes or pollutants from the area, but to prevent or minimize the amount of them that are actually inhaled by the welder. Smoke filters on masks and helmets are the best example of filtration controls. When shopping for these welding supplies in Brampton, pay special attention to their ease of use and welder comfort. If they are too big and bulky or uncomfortable welders are less likely to use them, negating any benefits the filters provide.

Create An Effective Filtration System With Help From Josef Gas

Although both extraction and filtration controls provide some pollutant reduction, the best systems use a combination of both control methods. Fumes are extracted from the area, expelled to somewhere far away from fresh air intakes, and the welder has personal protective equipment that further minimizes inhalation. Of course, every job and every job site is different, so the risks for each job are different and need to be assessed on an individual basis.

If you’re not sure what type of fume control supplies you need or would like some help designing an effective system, contact the team at Josef Gas. We work with welders all over Brampton and the surrounding southern Ontario area. We can help you brainstorm solutions and help you learn more about creating a safe work environment.

Contact Josef Gas at 416.658.1212 or email us at info@josefgases.com to get started.



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