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Laboratory Gas Supplier In Toronto

Your laboratory probably uses several types of industrial gases for its various equipment. When you work with a local gas supplier inLaboratory the greater Toronto area, you’re likely to get the flexibility you need to stay stocked up without overstocking, and when you choose a supplier who carries all the gases you need, you’re likely to find the ordering process more efficient and economical.

The Right Gases And Distribution Methods For Your Lab

For labs with smaller gas demand, setting up regular delivery of single cylinders may be the most effective program. If storage space is a concern, liquid gas cylinders allow you to store more gas in a smaller space than a group of pressurized gas cylinders. If you have ample space and use a lot of a particular gas, a small bulk tank may offer you significant savings over ordering cylinders.

JosefGas delivers the most in-demand gases for laboratory applications, along with a selection of specialty gases, in order to provide as many laboratories and cryogenic preservation facilities with all the industrial gases they need, as conveniently as possible.

Argon – For mass spectrometers and other instruments that measure and analyze atomic emission and absorption, and to aid in ionizing or atomizing samples.

Carbon Dioxide – Used in fluid chromatographs, bioreactors, and incubators.

Helium – For gas chromatographs, and for NMR and MRI machines.

Hydrogen – Commonly used in gas chromatography, and in spectroscopy to measure atomic absorption and emissions.

Nitrogen – In gas form, nitrogen is used to purify liquid samples and ensure viscosity. In liquid form, nitrogen can be used to freeze and preserve samples, for gas adsorption processes and cold traps, and in MRI and NMR systems.

Oxygen – Among the myriad uses of oxygen in a lab setting are stimulating bacterial, plant, or animal cell growth in incubators or bioreactors.

Your Dependable Laboratory Gas Supplier In Toronto

JosefGas is a locally owned gas supplier that has been serving the greater Toronto area for decades, and we’ve earned a reputation for reliable sourcing and dependable service. Give us a call or contact us online, and our representative will help you determine what schedule and distribution methods will give your lab the best value possible, while making sure you’re not experiencing downtime because you ran out of a critical gas. We offer our customers the most flexible service possible, to make sure you’re up and running when you need to be.

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