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How To Deliver The Right Amount Of Forklift Propane In Toronto

A Driver using Forklift Propane in TorontoChances are, if you’re reading this blog, your business uses forklift propane in Toronto or the GTA. It’s also a fair bet that you’ve had a propane overage or shortage sometime in the life of your business. You know how much propane your company needs and in which capacity, but maybe you’re unsure of the different ways propane can be delivered to you. Here’s a brief overview to help you choose which method of delivery works best for you.

Delivery Methods

  • Bulk Tanks

This is for companies that consistently operate a lot of equipment that runs on propane. Purchasing or leasing bulk tanks allow you to full up all of your equipment on site and on your time. You will need to invest in the permits required for leasing or purchasing the tank or tanks. If you’re already using high volumes of propane, this initial investment will pay off quickly.

  • Re-Filling On-Site

If your company operates a moderate number of forklifts and other equipment that runs on propane, refilling your cylinder on-site may be more cost effective for you. This is also a good option if you have periods of lighter and heavier use or your equipment uses propane at different rates. A bulk delivery truck will fill each of your tanks as needed, on their pre-set schedule. That schedule can be modified, if you’re experiencing an unexpectedly high or low usage period.

  • Cylinder Exchange

If your company only has a few pieces of equipment that run on propane, and their propane usage is on a predictable schedule, you may want to opt for a cylinder exchange. Your propane supplier will bring you a new cylinder and take away the empty one on an as-needed basis, or on an automatic schedule. You can always request more or less, depending on your usage schedule.

Whether You Choose Bulk Tanks, On-Site Or Cylinder Exchange Delivery, Always Choose Josef Gas First 

Josef Gas your premier distributor of industrial gases and premium forklift propane in Toronto and the GTA. We own and operate our own fleet of cylinder and bulk trucks in the greater Toronto area, so we can be there when you need us. If you need help deciding what method of delivery is right for you, send us a message or call us today. Our representatives can help you make the right choice.

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