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Propane Suppliers For Sweepers, Roofing, And Forklifts

Whether you are running a roofing company, or your business uses propane-powered equipment like sweepers, scissor lifts, or forklifts, you need to know you are dealing with reliable propane suppliers who can provide you the best value for your specific circumstances. What works best for someone else’s company might not be a wise choice for yours. Do you have a steady, regular pattern of propane use, or is your usage more variable and less predictable? Do you need a large delivery of propane for a particular job? No matter what your usage, Josef Gas has the right distribution and delivery options for your company.

  • Cylinder Options – For companies that only use propane equipment occasionally, or use propane regularly, but in smaller amounts, cylinder exchange is a good option for economical purchasing. Set up your delivery schedule to suit your demand and keep an extra cylinder on hand to deal with any surprises that might come up. If you ever find your supply running low between deliveries, give us a call and we will bring more. Use your own cylinders or rent ours; it’s up to you. For large jobs, we also offer a bulk pack of 6 to 16 cylinders mounted on a skid with a single-use manifold. The bulk packs deliver up to 256 cubic metres of gas in a single, convenient unit.
  • Refilling – If you regularly send propane-burning equipment out to job sites, you will be using multiple cylinders simultaneously and emptying them at different rates. Depending on the number of hours you run equipment you use at your own facility, like sweepers and forklifts, you may not need those tanks refilled continually. Both of these are good cases for on-site refilling. We bring a bulk propane truck to your facility and refill your tanks and cylinders on the spot. You always have the propane you need, and you don’t have to find room to store a bunch of redundant cylinders.
  • Bulk Gas – If your business goes through a lot of propane, it might make sense for you to have a bulk tank of your own, so you can refill on demand. Having bulk gas on site offers the greatest flexibility and economy, but it is not the right choice for every user. There are required permits and you will need to make some initial investment in leasing or purchasing a tank and transfer equipment. We can help you determine whether your usage and property make your facility a good candidate for using bulk propane from a tank.

Best Value And Flexibility

Josef Gas has been serving industrial gas customers in the greater Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas for more than 40 years. As an independent company, we have long-standing contracts with our gas suppliers, along with our own cylinders and our own fleet of delivery trucks. We offer the best value and flexibility among propane suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area. Call us today at 416-658-1212 to discuss your company’s most economical and convenient propane delivery options, or contact us online to request a free quote.

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