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Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment Information

Welding and Plasma Machines

Josef Gas handles all the major welding machines.  MIG, TIG, STICK, Multi-process, and Plasma.  Whether you are a hobbyist, or run a full production shop, contact us to help source your next welding machine!

Mig Accessories

Josef Gas is fully stocked with all the common Mig accessories.  Mig guns, liners, nozzles, gas diffusers, contact tips, nozzle dip, antispatter and more!

Tig Accessories

Josef Gas is fully stocked with all the common Tig accessories.  Tig guns, collets and collet bodies, water coolers, ceramic cups, Tungsten and much more!

Cutting Torches and Regulators

Josef Gas has all of the cutting apparatus you need for any size cutting job!  Cutting torches, attachments, complete cutting outfits, circle cutters, gas regulators, twin hose and all the necessary connectors, from all the major brands: Harris, Victor, Purox and Uniweld.

Safety Equipment

Josef Gas has all of the safety equipment you need to keep you safe at the workplace!  Safety glasses, welding helmets, spats, aprons, welding gloves, ear, head and eye protection from 3M, Jackson, Fibremetal and more!

General Equipment

TIG Welding with Viking and Red Line Welding Gear

Sometimes it’s the little things that count.  And with welding, the little things are at Josef Gas.  Electrode holders, tip cleaners, soapstone, chipping hammers, wire brushes, slide clamps, marking sticks, welding cable, welding holders and clamps are only some of the small parts that Josef Gas ALWAYS has in stock!


When you’re done welding, you’re going to need the products to complete the job.  Finishing and polishing grade abrasives are what your’ll need – and Josef Gas has them all.

Grinding wheels, chop saws, polishing wheels and sanding discs are here from J. Walter, United Abrasives and Pferd.

Air Filtration

SHFA suction nozzle

Government standards are ever increasing with regard to workplace air quality.  If you have issues with air pollutants in your workplace, Josef Gas has a solution for you.  Welding fumes, smoke, dust, air pollutants, oil mist, paint and even smells can all be collected at the source providing a cleaner environment for any workplace.


Josef Gas carries the full line of J. Walter and Metabo grinders.  Place an order today!

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