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Job Site Heat and Roofer Propane

Job Site Heat / Roofer Propane



Josef Gas supplies the roofing and sheet metal industry with reliable propane to file any size tar kettle. Larger jobs can benefit from our 500 and 1000 tank systems.

Construction Heating:

Josef Gas Site service offers complete temporary heating services on any construction site.

Whether you are heating model homes, construction trailers or needing tank farm installations for winter construction, Josef Gas has the service package for you.

The Salamander – The workhorse of the industry. Adjustable heat from 150,000 to 375,000 btu/hr.

Radiant Heaters – For interior work. 90,000 btu/hr of radiant heat. Thermostatically controlled. Equipped with tip over safety switch. Comes with 50ft hose. For use with Propane or Natural Gas

Convection Heaters – for interior work. With adjustable heat from 45,000 to 225,000 btu/hr. Comes with 50ft hose. For use with Propane or Natural Gas.

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