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Fun Facts About Argon Gas

Argon gas is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and chemically inert, which makes it an excellent choice for many applications across a wide variety of industries: Welding, food packaging, cryosurgery, and medical laboratories, to name a few. Because it remains inert even at high temperatures, Argon gas is also used in the manufacture of stainless steel and…

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Advantages of Propane Forklifts For Toronto Businesses

Propane-powered forklifts are a popular choice among Toronto-area businesses, for many reasons. They offer significant advantages over electric and natural gas models, as well as petrol and diesel-powered forklifts. When you work with an independent, locally operated forklift propane supplier like Josef Gas, you can create a fine-tuned delivery program that saves you money while…

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Axial Spray Transfer Shielding Gases Delivered In The GTA

For MIG welding on thick, flat, horizontal surfaces, axial spray transfer is an extremely effective and very common method of metal transfer. As several hundred droplets of metal are deposited along the edge of the arc each second, you’ll get a large weld puddle with less spatter and slag, and it’s an ideal method for…

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Welding Suppliers For Toronto Businesses & Hobbyists

While Josef Gas has built its reputation on decades of reliability as welding suppliers throughout the greater Toronto area, you don’t need to be a welding shop, or even a full-time business to take advantage of our expertise. Most of our representatives are welders themselves, so when you come into our showroom, you’ll have access…

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GMAW (MIG) & TIG Welding Gas Suppliers In Toronto

No matter whether you’re a weekend welder or a full-scale welding shop, you need a reliable source for the gases and supplies your projects require. For GMAW (MIG) and TIG welding gases, welding wire, and other supplies, you’ll find one-stop convenience by calling or visiting Josef Gas. We offer a variety of distribution methods for…

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Argon, Helium & Other Welding Gases In Toronto

No matter what your line of work, if welding is part of the job, you need a supplier of welding gases who can accommodate your demand and your schedule, while keeping the prices competitive. By working with a family-run, local supplier like Josef Gas, you’ll get unrivaled support and all the flexibility you need to…

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Laboratory & Food Packaging Nitrogen Gas In The GTA

For food manufacturing plants and laboratories, nitrogen gas is often an essential part of getting business done. Whether you need pure nitrogen gas or a precise blend to accomplish your work, Josefgas delivers consistent quality and the level of service that only a family-owned, locally operated industrial gas supplier can offer. Nitrogen Gas For Food…

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