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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Common Uses For Propane Gas In Mississauga Businesses

Propane gas is widely used among Mississauga residents, both commercially and privately, because it’s safe, inexpensive and versatile. It can be stored safely for long periods of time and it has a wide range of applications, from firing up your gas grill to fueling industrial machinery. It’s no wonder that so many use families and businesses use propane gas in Mississauga.

Although you may know what appliances use propane in your home, you may not know the commercial uses of propane. Here are some of the most common commercial uses for propane.

How Businesses Use Propane Gas In Mississauga

  1. HeatersWorker standing by car in Winter

Propane is often used to fuel heaters. Winters here are cold and propane gas helps Mississauga businesses stay warm. Propane powered heaters warm up warehouses, garages and even office buildings that need a few more BTUs to stay toasty. Plus, because propane gas is inexpensive, using propane heaters cuts down on the electric bill.

  1. Forklifts

Propane is often used to fuel forklifts, too. Since propane gas burns clean, it can safely power forklifts both indoors and outdoors. It’s easy and safe to store cylinders, so your business will always have fuel on hand.

  1. Generators.

Although most backup generators are diesel fueled, a growing number of backup generators are propane fueled. As we mentioned earlier, propane gas is safe, relatively inexpensive and reliable, which makes it an ideal fuel for backup generators. And it’s also convenient if you’re already using propane gas in Mississauga to operate other devices.

Winter Is Coming! Make Sure Your Business Never Runs Out Of Propane Gas

JosefGas will make sure your business never runs out of Propane gas In Mississauga and the surrounding areas. We offer year-round propane delivery, so you always have enough propane to fuel your business.Call us at 416.658.1212 or email info@josefgases.com to set up your delivery schedule today!

Argon Gas In The GTA: Medical And Industry Advances Through 3-D Metal Printing

You may not know it, but many of our medical and industry advances are made possible through 3-D metal printing. This is because Argon Gas GTA -  3D Printer uses in the Automotive Industry 3-D metal printing can create specialized and precise parts or molds quickly and efficiently. Whereas in the past, the medical, automotive and aerospace industries were limited to devices and parts that were not specific to an individual’s needs, now they can be printed or injection molded relatively easily and cheaply.

This is possible in part because of argon gas. Argon gas is accessible and inexpensive and it also creates the stable, inert environment necessary for 3-D metal printing. Without argon gas in the GTA, Toronto’s industries that specialize in medical parts, like orthotics and prostheses, would not exist. Also, automotive and aerospace industries couldn’t produce the lightweight, aerodynamic parts that save us so much fuel, money and time.

3-D Printing Makes Customization Affordable

Because 3-D metal printing has become more time and cost effective commercially, customization has become much more affordable. Facial implants that are specifically matched to a patient’s bone structure and dental implants that match the precise shape, tone and size of the patient’s mouth are available via 3-D metal and composite printing. Orthotics, implants and prostheses are no longer “one size fits all,” which allows for faster healing and better mobility.

Improving The Injection Molding Industry

3-D metal printing is also improving aerospace and automotive industries. Injection molding manufacturers can 3-D print complex molds with highly efficient cooling channels that cut down on demolding and cooling times. Manufacturers can 3-D print stronger, more precise molds than ever before. These molds last longer than conventional molds and they create lighter, thinner more aerodynamic parts, which saves manufacturers money and improves the speed and function of the part itself. A lighter part means less fuel used, and that’s good for everyone.

Rely On JosefGas For Argon Gas In The GTA And Beyond

If your company is investing in 3-D metal printing, rely on JosefGas as your supplier of argon gas in the GTA and beyond. What makes JosefGas different is they aren’t sales people, they’re tradesmen with decades of combined practical experience using industrial gas. Call us or request a request a free quote online.


When To Switch Propane Suppliers In Toronto

Even if you’ve been thinking about switching propane suppliers in Toronto, you may be concerned that switching may interrupt When is it time to switch Propane Suppliers in Toronto?business and you may inadvertently lose time and money. However, if you’re not getting the service you need, it will also cost you, but in the long run. So, it’s best to take the plunge and switch. Plus, a reputable company can help you to switch without losing time or money. Here are some things to look for when choosing new propane suppliers in Toronto and some ways to transition smoothly between propane suppliers in Toronto.

What To Look For:

  • Independent Company – The first thing you want to look for us an independent industrial gases Independent companies are not distributors for larger gas giants; they work for you. They often own their own fleet of trucks so they can offer you more flexibility. Their goal is to make customers happy, they don’t serve the bottom line of some mega company.
  • History Of Dependability – You want to hire a company that has a long history of dependability and excellent customer service. One way to find out about a company’s history with their customers is to ask long-term customers. They can give a detailed explanation of the kind of service a company offers.
  • Everything Is Included – Look for a company that won’t nickel and dime you. The company should only charge for cylinder or tank rental, product and delivery. Hazmat, environmental and barcode charges should be included in that price, not separate.

How To Seamlessly Switch

  • Savings To Buffer The Transition Period – Chances are, if you don’t own a cylinder or bulk tank, you’re renting or leasing them. Find a company who will offer you some level of initial savings, so you can offset the cost of renting a tank from them and a tank from your former supplier.
  • Plan An Overlap –While you’re closing the contract with your previous supplier, find out if your new company can send some of their propane to you, so you’ll have enough during that transitional period.

Josef Gas Can Help You Switch

If you’re ready to take the plunge and switch propane suppliers in Toronto, Josef Gas offers premium service, products and savings. Request a free quote online, or give us a call at 416-658-1212, we can help you make a seamless, painless transition that will benefit your company for years to come.

How To Deliver The Right Amount Of Forklift Propane In Toronto

A Driver using Forklift Propane in TorontoChances are, if you’re reading this blog, your business uses forklift propane in Toronto or the GTA. It’s also a fair bet that you’ve had a propane overage or shortage sometime in the life of your business. You know how much propane your company needs and in which capacity, but maybe you’re unsure of the different ways propane can be delivered to you. Here’s a brief overview to help you choose which method of delivery works best for you.

Delivery Methods

  • Bulk Tanks

This is for companies that consistently operate a lot of equipment that runs on propane. Purchasing or leasing bulk tanks allow you to full up all of your equipment on site and on your time. You will need to invest in the permits required for leasing or purchasing the tank or tanks. If you’re already using high volumes of propane, this initial investment will pay off quickly.

  • Re-Filling On-Site

If your company operates a moderate number of forklifts and other equipment that runs on propane, refilling your cylinder on-site may be more cost effective for you. This is also a good option if you have periods of lighter and heavier use or your equipment uses propane at different rates. A bulk delivery truck will fill each of your tanks as needed, on their pre-set schedule. That schedule can be modified, if you’re experiencing an unexpectedly high or low usage period.

  • Cylinder Exchange

If your company only has a few pieces of equipment that run on propane, and their propane usage is on a predictable schedule, you may want to opt for a cylinder exchange. Your propane supplier will bring you a new cylinder and take away the empty one on an as-needed basis, or on an automatic schedule. You can always request more or less, depending on your usage schedule.

Whether You Choose Bulk Tanks, On-Site Or Cylinder Exchange Delivery, Always Choose Josef Gas First 

Josef Gas your premier distributor of industrial gases and premium forklift propane in Toronto and the GTA. We own and operate our own fleet of cylinder and bulk trucks in the greater Toronto area, so we can be there when you need us. If you need help deciding what method of delivery is right for you, send us a message or call us today. Our representatives can help you make the right choice.

Greener Paper Bleaching With Liquid Oxygen In The GTA

Chlorine has often been used to bleach wood pulp to eventually make the white paper we use to print, write on and draw on. However, in the last decade, more and more studies have shown the environmental risks of using chlorine bleach not only on the environment but the workers who perform the bleaching. Bleaching pulp with liquid oxygen is not only safer for workers, but it is better for the environment, too. With the help of liquid oxygen in the GTA, many mills are moving towards being elemental chlorine free (ECF) and total chlorine free (TCF).

Environmentally Friendly

Bleaching pulp with Liquid Oxygen is safer for workers and better for the environment. Pulp needs to be whitened or bleached before it can be turned into paper. All color variations and discolorations need to be removed to create a uniform pulp. Liquid oxygen bleaches the pulp, but unlike chlorine, the pulp waste is safe to recycle into the system and use again. This is because liquid oxygen releases oxygen when it makes contact with the pulp, leaving behind whitened pulp and biodegradable byproducts.

Worker Friendly

Studies have shown that regular exposure to chlorine bleach can cause asthma-like symptoms, even in the small amounts we use in our homes. Imagine how much a paper mill worker is exposed to? Using liquid oxygen in the GTA can make working conditions safer for paper mill employees and for the people living near the mill itself.

Budget Friendly 

Not only is liquid oxygen better for workers and an environmentally safe choice, but it’s also more cost-effective than chlorine. It’s less expensive to buy in the long run, and it’s less expensive to use. It costs less to process, its by-products can be recycled, and it’s less toxic than chlorine, so it needs less equipment and protective gear to handle it.

Liquid Oxygen Still Needs To Be Handled With Care

Even though it’s safer than chlorine, liquid oxygen still needs to be handled with care. Follow our helpful safety tips to handling, using and transporting liquid oxygen safely.

Is Your Looking Mill Looking To Go ECF Or TCF? Josef Gas Can Help

Josef Gas is your one-stop site for welding equipment, job site heat, forklift propane and liquid oxygen in the GTA and beyond. Contact us for more information on how to make your paper production more budget friendly, worker friendly and an environmentally friendlier project.

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