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Monthly Archives: September 2017

5 Tips On Maintaining Welding Equipment In Toronto


Welding equipment is an investment in your career and your livelihood, not to mention, some of it is pretty costly! The last thing you want is to have to replace your equipment prematurely. Proper use and regular maintenance can prevent problems like uneven wire feeds, erratic arcs, and machines that run too hot. Help your equipment last longer with these 5 tips.

5 Ways To Make Welding Equipment Last

  1. Stay within the usage specs. This is the most basic, commonsense way to take care of your welding equipment. Toronto welders should use welding machines appropriate to the project and implement a duty cycle to prevent pushing the machine beyond its limits.


  1. Keep it clean and protected. You can extend the life of equipment and prevent damage by keeping machines and components covered when not in use and blowing them out after use to remove debris and accumulated dust. Do your grinding far away from the machine as well as any woodworking to minimize fire risk and mechanical hazards.


  1. Inspect before each use. You know you should be inspecting your equipment before every use, but do you also inspect all of the electrical connections and components, if not every time, at least routinely? Check and clean the wire feeder and drive rolls, inspect all cords and connectors for wear, and ensure circuit breakers and interlocks are working properly.


  1. Do routine maintenance. Regular inspections, cleaning, and greasing will help keep equipment in good operating condition and alert you to any minor problems before they become too big or cause an unexpected problem.


  1. Replace parts when necessary. Of course, if you ever have broken, missing, or worn welding equipment in Toronto you should replace it right away. We hope you’ll remember Josef Gas when this time comes! Here you will find everything you need to keep equipment in top operating condition and if we don’t have it in stock, chances are we can order it for you! Just ask!


Josef Gas Is Your #1 Source For Welding Equipment In Toronto


If you need welding gear, gases, or welding equipment in Toronto, visit Josef Gas. We carry equipment, electrodes, wire and more from all the big brands and even the small ones! Visit our website at www.josefgases.com, call us at 416.658.1212, or contact us online to discuss your specific needs or visit us in person at 201 Basaltic Road, Concord, ON L4K 1G4.




How To Get a Quote For Industrial Gases In Toronto

Get Quote for Industrial Gases in TorontoIf you need industrial gases in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place! Josef Gas makes it easy to get started with a regular industrial gas delivery schedule; literally all you have to do it pick up the phone and give us a call! A short discussion later and your gas delivery can be scheduled and set up.

We try to make the process as simple, straightforward and unintimidating as possible, so if this is your first time getting a quote for industrial gases in Toronto, don’t worry! We will ask all the right questions and handle all the details so your delivery is on-time and accurate from Day One!

Benefits of Gas Delivery

Industrial gas delivery from Josef Gas is the single best way to ensure you have the gases you need on hand when you need them. We are local to the Toronto area, boasting our own fleet of trucks, over 10,000 cylinders, and a 3-acre facility and showroom.

We stock all of the most common (and a few less common!) industrial gases and serve many industries from manufacturing and welding to medical and food. Of course, the biggest benefit is that we bring the gases to you.

Visit our FAQ page for more details about us and our services.

How Josef Gas’ Delivery of Industrial Gases In Toronto Works

To get started with industrial gas delivery you’ll need to tell us:

  • What kind of gases you need. If you currently work with another supplier, simply check the labels on your existing cylinders.
  • The quantity of each type of gas. Again, check empty containers for cylinder size/volume and check your old inventory records or invoices for quantity.
  • Frequency of delivery. You can check your old invoices to see how frequently your gases were delivered in the past. Use this with your own direct knowledge of the supply situation to determine if you need deliveries more or less frequently.

The above assumes that you are an old hand at gas delivery, but what if you’ve never arranged for delivery before? No problem! That’s where we come in. During our discussion we can determine the types and quantities of gases you’ll need and we will recommend a delivery schedule. We’ll be in touch frequently as we get the delivery routine established to help make sure it’s working for you. Changes are not a problem so if you find that you are running short sooner than expected, just give us a call and we’ll get more gas delivered to you. Likewise, if we show up for the cylinder exchange and you’ve got a lot of extra cylinders on hand, we’ll discuss adjusting delivery frequency or the number of cylinders you receive at each delivery.

Our business is built on customer relationships. We are ALWAYS available to answer questions, address issues, or just chat! So please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question or concern about your gas delivery.

To get started, call us at 416.658.1212 or contact us online. If you prefer to meet in person, we can do that too! Visit our showroom and facility at 201 Basaltic Road, Concord, ON L4K 1G4.

Add Heat Protection To Your List Of Welding Supplies In Brampton

Heat is always a concern when welding, even when you’re working indoors. You might shrug off heat as a necessary part of getting the job done, but overheated workers may become at best less productive than usual and, at worst, very ill.

Due to the nature of the work and the need to wear heavy, non-breathable, protective gear, welders can be at risk for heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat rash, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion. Air conditioning, ventilation, plenty or water, shaded work areas, and working outdoors during cooler hours can all help reduce the impact of heat on welders, but so can welding supplies. Brampton welders should take a look at the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is available to them to help reduce heat impact even further.

Welding PPE That Can Help Reduce Heat Illness

PPE welding supplies that can help reduce the impact of heat include:

  • Vented Equipment. Airflow is critical to keeping welding areas cool; it stands to reason that welders need airflow through their PPE too. Hot air, trapped under a helmet or other PPE can make things feel hotter than they really are. Vented helmets can provide directional airflow that moves super-heated air out and away from the skin, helping you cool down naturally through evaporation, and by bringing in cooler ambient air. In some cases, the vents help reduce fogging up of visors as well. You can find vented helmets, gloves, or even belts that will keep your skin cooler and more comfortable.
  • Lightweight Gear. Weight adds heat. If heat is a concern for you, take a look at lightweight aprons and sleeves instead of jackets. You’re still protected where you need it – near the weld – but your back is uncovered, providing you some relief from excess heat. Some gear is even made of reflective material like titanium, which deflects radiant heat. When used in combination with other PPE, the heat reduction can be significant.

Shop For Welding Supplies in Brampton at Josef Gas

If the heat is affecting your productivity or health, visit Josef Gas to learn more about what kind of equipment and welding supplies can help you keep cooler on the job. We carry equipment from all of the leading manufacturers like Lincoln, Miller, and 3M.

Call us at 416.658.1212 to discuss your needs to visit our showroom to test products out in person.



Are You Handling Forklift Propane In Mississauga Safely?

If you use forklift propane at a Mississauga business, chances are you’ve become so accustomed to the Josef Gas Forklift Propane in Mississaugacylinders and gas usage that you may have forgotten just how flammable propane is. Technically, propane is classified as a hazardous material, which means safe handling procedures are a must.

One of the safest things you can do to protect your employees and your facilities around propane is to arrange for propane tank delivery and pickup through Josef Gas. Refilling your own cylinders on-site is dangerous and comes with its’ own set of government safety requirements. When you partner with Josef Gas, you can skip that hassle and always have propane ready when you need it!

Forklift Propane Safety Tips

Even when you do sign up for Josef Gas’ propane delivery, you still need to handle and store your full propane tanks properly. Here’s how:

  • Do not allow smoking while handling, or even in the vicinity of, propane cylinders.
  • If you detect a leak, close the valves and place the cylinder in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not attempt to repair a leaking cylinder yourself. Contact Josef Gas for a replacement tank.
  • Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when handling forklift propane. Direct skin contact with the gas can cause freeze burns.
  • Be sure to close all valves when the tank is not in use.
  • Store cylinders away from any source of ignition, including extreme heat.
  • Always read warning labels attached to propane cylinders.

Arrange For Forklift Propane In Mississauga Through Josef Gas

How easy is it to get forklift propane to a Mississauga business from Josef Gas? As easy as calling 416.658.1212! With just one call we will be able to get your business set up on a regular delivery schedule. We’ll start you out with as many cylinders as you need to get you through to your next delivery. As you empty your cylinders, set them aside for us and we’ll exchange them for full tanks on your next delivery date. Have an unexpectedly busy week and need more propane? No problem! We fill propane cylinders right at our facility in Concord, ON and operate our own fleet of delivery trucks – we can get your propane anytime you need it, even if it’s not on your regularly scheduled day!

Don’t risk employee or facility safety. Contact Josef Gas for safe and professional delivery of forklift propane in Mississauga today! Call 416.658.1212 or contact us online to get started!

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