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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Industrial Gases For Laboratory Applications

Industrial gases cover many applications, from propane for your forklift to liquid nitrogen for cryogenic preservation and other specialty gases for research labs. Josef Gas carries many of the most commonly needed gases for laboratories and cryo facilities throughout the Greater Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas.

  • Argon – Argon gas is used in mass spectrometers and other analysis instruments to measure atomic absorption and emission. It is also used to produce plasma energy for atomizing or ionizing samples.
  • Hydrogen – Hydrogen gas is used both as a carrier and as a combustion gas, depending on the application. It is most commonly used in a lab setting for gas chromatography, and atomic absorption and emission spectroscopy.
  • Helium – Helium gas is the most common carrier used in gas chromatography. Liquid helium is used to cool magnets in NMR and MRI systems to reduce their electrical resistance, allowing them to exhibit superconductive properties.
  • Nitrogen – Nitrogen gas is commonly used for stripping oxygen, soluble contaminants, and moisture from fluid samples to ensure purity and viscosity. It is also used to render flammable or combustible substances inert, to prevent explosions and fires in a lab setting. Liquid nitrogen has many lab applications, including freezing and preserving tissue, gas adsorption processes, cold traps, and superconducting equipment like MRIs and NMRs.
  • Oxygen – Oxygen is used to create combustion during elemental analysis, and to stimulate cell growth in incubators and bioreactors where bacteria, animal cells, or plant cells are grown in a controlled environment.
  • Carbon Dioxide – Carbon Dioxide is used in fluid chromatography as the primary mobile phase. It is also a key metabolite and pH-regulating agent in bioreactors and incubators for bacterial growth or animal and plant cell growth.

Josef Gas For Laboratory Gases

Josef Gas is an independent supplier of industrial gases in and around Toronto. We have more than 40 years’ experience in providing pure gases and precise blends for all types of applications. We operate our own fleet of delivery trucks to provide our customers with delivery service as excellent as our products and customer service. Our long-term relationships and contracts with our suppliers, in combination with our low overhead, ensure that we can give our customers value pricing on all of our gas products. Call us today at 416-658-1212 to learn how Josef Gas can supply your laboratory with the gases your lab needs for its critical applications.

Gas, Welding Supplies And Welding Wire For Projects Of All Sizes

Josef Gas provides industrial gas, welding supplies, and welding wire to large operations, small shops, and to individuals who may only need an occasional tank of gas. If your operations require regular delivery of argon or helium gas, welding supplies and welding wire, we operate our own fleet of delivery trucks in and around Toronto to get you what you need, when you need it, and always at competitive prices.

What If I Only Need Small Quantities?

We are a family-owned and operated business. We are experienced welders and all of our reps are, too. When you call or visit Josef Gas, you’ll get all the expert advice you need to get your project done right. We encourage you to browse our website for helpful training material and articles on all kinds of topics surrounded industrial gases and welding. We are happy to help your projects, large and small, to succeed with sound guidance and top-quality products.

  • Small-Scale Welding – Whether you need to weld a new hitch onto your trailer, or you run a small auto shop that occasionally needs to weld something on for a customer, you will find the rights gases and blends, welding supplies, and welding wire for your application at Josef Gas.
  • Helium For A Special Event – Maybe you just need one tank of helium for a special birthday or anniversary party. We can do that, too! You don’t need an industrial account to rent a tank from Josef Gas.
  • Party And Wedding Planners – If you are planning parties and weddings on a regular basis, you probably go through a lot of helium. You can pick it up at our Concord location as you need it, or ask us whether it would be feasible to set up regular delivery for your convenience.
  • Propane For Your Grill – If you are in the Concord area, bring your grill propane tank in for refills. Having your tank refilled from a bulk supplier is an economical alternative to tank exchange facilities like you find at home improvement stores.

Best Service And Prices For Every Application

Whether you need one tank a year or hundreds, Josef Gas has you covered. Call us at 416-658-1212 or drop by our facility at 201 Basaltic Road in Concord. Refill your own tank or rent one from us, and pick up your welding supplies and welding wire, all in one stop.

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