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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Helium Welding Applications, Sources, and World Supply

Helium has been a staple in many forms of welding for decades. It is an excellent shield gas for applications that require high heat input because of its effective thermal conductivity, and for high production environments where a higher travel speed is required. Helium is also well suited for welding thick material, because of its deep penetration profile.

Most often, it is mixed with other gases to create a welding gas that exhibits the best characteristics of each component gas. It is often used in welding non-ferrous metals like Titanium, Aluminum, and Magnesium, and stainless steel. These are some of the same applications in which Argon is also used, but Helium needs a higher flow rate, and is significantly more expensive than Argon. Why is that?

Its History

Helium is a by-product of refining natural gas. In the 1950’s, the U.S. government set up a refinery, specifically for the purpose of collecting it, which it believed would play a vital role in the expansion of space exploration. The field where they built the refinery in Amarillo, Texas, turned out to be very rich in Helium, and in more recent years, the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve account for about 30% of the world’s accessible supply. It is estimated that that reserve may run out of recoverable Helium in the next three to five years.

There are about a dozen other sites worldwide, which are known to have helium deposits large enough to make it worthwhile to develop them. A refinery opened in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2014 and Qatar opened a new refinery in 2013, but other deposits have not yet been developed.

The advent of superconductors, like those used in MRI machines, have also increased demand and, subsequently, prices. Helium can be cooled to four degrees Kelvin, and used to absorb the massive heat generated by the magnet and superconductor wire as they create the magnetic field. These applications are currently demanding about 20% of the annual world supply.  The remainder is used across a variety of other applications ranging from lasers and coolants for reactors and space ships, scuba diving tanks, and weather and even party balloons.

Is It Time To Worry?

The world will not be running out any time soon. There may be some fluctuations in pricing and availability as the Texas deposit winds down and other sources around the world are developed. Keep calm and weld on.

Relationships Are Key

At Josef Gas, we have built and maintained relationships with our suppliers over the course of four decades, and we have long-term supply contracts in place to ensure that we are always able to have the gases you need, at the best prices available. Request a free quote online, or give us a call at 416-658-1212 to learn how Josef Gas can supply your industrial gas needs.

Nitrogen Gas Keeps Food Safe And Appealing

Nitrogen gas can be safely used to package all kinds of foods for long-term storage, shipping, and protect foods from crushing. This process is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), and can use Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, or Carbon Monoxide, depending on what food is being packaged. Food gases differ from Industrial gases with respect to the degree of purity and the two should not be interchanged.  For some foods, Nitrogen packing is a matter of visual appeal, but for others, it is a critical matter to ensure usability.

  • Coffee Packaging – Coffee goes stale very quickly when it is left exposed to oxygen. One of the things that make coffee so appealing is the volatile oils which produce that heavenly aroma. Once those oils are subjected to ambient air, though, they weaken and change, and the coffee loses not only the power of its signature scent, but the fullness of its flavour, as well.
  • High Moisture And High Fat Foods – To keep food looking and staying fresh for longer periods of time, a Gas Mix containing Nitrogen and CO2 is used.  The CO2 prevents bacterial growth in foods, Nitrogen keeps high fat foods more visually appealing.  A variety of combinations of the two gases are used in for many vegetable, meat and seafood packing purposes.
  • Dried Snacks – Pure 100% Nitrogen gas is used in packaging dried snacks to replace Oxygen in the packing and keep the snacks fresher, longer.
  • Pressurized Protection – Have you ever wondered why your favourite potato chips arrive in a puffy bag?  A Nitrogen gas flush is used in the packaging of delicate foods like potato chips and crackers. This allows manufacturers to ship the food in a “pillow” to prevent breakage, and reduce the risk of Oxygen making the food stale.
  • Stalling Bacterial Growth – Aerobic bacteria, like some strains of Bacillus, need Oxygen to survive. When a food package is flushed with Nitrogen, the Oxygen is driven out, which will prevent the bacteria from growing as long as the package remains sealed.

Supplying The Food Industry

Josef Gas is a supplier of industrial gases and food grade gases including Nitrogen. If you are packaging food in the Greater Toronto Area, we invite you to call us at 416-658-1212 or request a quote online to learn how Josef Gas can supply you MAP gases with superior service and fewer fees than the competition.

Propane Suppliers: Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

If your business is running forklifts, chances are you need a propane supplier. Maybe you have been ordering from one of the gas giants. How responsive are they to your company’s needs? Most likely, you have found that you are an account number and a monthly check to them, and that it is you who has to bend to their limitations, instead of the supplier accommodating you.

Your Success Is Our Success

At Josef Gas, we recognize that, at the end of the day, we make our living by giving our customers what they need, when they need it. We are a mid-sized company with our own fleet of cylinder and bulk gas delivery trucks, operating throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We do not have a regional dispatch center running thousands of trucks, like many unbreakable lines of ants. We have field representatives driving our delivery trucks, and because we are not trying to check off some corporate metrics on a chart, those representatives are able to offer our customers flexible options. If you need an extra refill in between your regular deliveries, we can do that. If you want to change your schedule, we will do it now, and not in two weeks.

Save Money

We have been working with the same gas suppliers for 40 years. We have long-standing relationships and long-term contracts that allow us to supply our customers with propane at the best prices.

Josef Gas saves its customers even more money by not charging the endless string of fees that other propane suppliers charge. Say goodbye to the Environment charges, Hazmat charges, and Barcode charges. We will bill you for the product you receive and for delivery: nothing more.

Trade Up To Josef Gas

You need a propane supplier that can support your business and accommodate your needs. Break free of the gas giants; you do not need to be a cog in their machine. If you are ready to do business with a supplier who knows your name and wants to earn your business, we invite you to request a free quote online, or give us a call at 416-658-1212 to speak to one of our representatives for more information or help with a quote.

Welding Wire And Superior Service From Josefgas

Welding wire is mission-critical for your work. You need a supplier who has the right product available when you need it. At some point, you will probably need some advice on which filler material to choose for an unusual situation, too. What happens when you call your current supplier for advice? What is the response when you ask a question that is not included in the salesman’s script?

Experience Matters

When you call Josef Gas, you will speak to a representative who has practical welding experience, and if your situation is too complex for that rep, he will connect you to one of our specialists who have formal training in welding technology and understand welding equipment, in addition to their experience in the trade.

Josef Gas is locally owned and operated by father and son team Joe and Richard Stangl who, together, have more than 70 years’ experience in the fields of welding and industrial gas.  We understand what it takes to get the job done right, and we know that our customers need more than just materials from us: We are the added value.

The Right Tools For The Job

Josef Gas is an authorized dealer for Lincoln Electric, Miller, ESAB, Victor, Harris, 3M,
Fibremetal, Jackson, J Walter, SAIT, Bernard, Tregaskiss, Bonarc, AGO, American torch Tip, Pferd Abrasives, Avesta, and Bohler. We offer our customers one-stop, full-service welding supply. Anything your work requires, from welders and parts to gas, to welding wire and stick electrodes for any application, you will find it at Josef Gas, at competitive prices, with superior service.

We operate our own fleet of delivery trucks throughout the Greater Toronto Area, so if you cannot get to our showroom in Concord, we will deliver your supplies to your shop. Because we are a mid-sized operation, we have the flexibility to be more responsive to our customers’ needs than a huge, corporate supplier can offer. If you run out of the wire you are working with, or find you need different filler material than you have got on hand, we are there for you. Do you have a rush job for a customer? We have got you covered, because we answer to our customers, not to corporate bean counters.

Keep Your Work Flowing With Josef Gas

Work with a supplier who understands what it takes to get your job done right. Experience the difference of working with a locally owned company who treats you like an individual, not an account number. We invite you to request a free quote online, or give us a call at 416-658-1212 to speak to one of our representatives for more information or help with a quote.

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