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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Propane Suppliers: Top Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up

Running any sized forklift operation can mean relying heavily on propane to keep your fleet up and running at all times. In order to make sure you get the most out of your vehicles, you will want to select propane suppliers that will be able to fulfill your gas supply needs to keep your operations running, without breaking your budget. Know these important questions to ask when you’re ready to begin searching for the best propane suppliers in your region:

What Is Your Delivery Schedule?

Some Propane Suppliers will offer an automatic delivery schedule, while others will wait until you need to put in your next order. Some suppliers are flexible enough to adapt to last minute orders and may even carry an extra tank on board the delivery truck with your regular deliver for seamless coverage. Others may not be able to accommodate last minute, unforeseen needs.

Each model has its own benefits. An automated delivery schedule means you will never have to worry about gaps in your service. However, calling in your order as-needed can save you money in the long run. Finding out in advance can help you make the right choice.

Do You Meet Their Minimum Usage Requirements?

If you run a forklift operation that fluctuates in overall use of propane, you will want to know in advance if your business will meet their minimum requirements before committing to purchase from certain propane suppliers.

Are There Any Rent or Other Charges?

Most suppliers will have to charge various rent fees to offset some of the upfront costs associated with services. Some have Hazmat or other environmental fees that they levy.   A quality supplier will take the time to systematically go through the entire pricing model so you know exactly what to expect.

What Type Of Payment Options Are Available?

A company that requires a credit application in advance can quickly set up your business with payment options that work for you. Ask your propane suppliers about the process during your screening, so you can move forward with an informed final decision.

Contact Josef Gases Today For More Information

If you’re running a forklift operation of any size, the team at Josef Gas can help service your propane needs for seamless operations at all times. Contact our team of specialists today to discuss your specific needs or fill out a credit application now.

Everything You Need To Know About Welding Gases

Knowing how to find the right welding gases for your specific application can make all the difference in your final product/output. Argon, helium, and carbon dioxide fall into the "pure welding gases" category. Using various ratios of each can create distinctive final effects on the welding arc. Knowing about each of these unique gases and their specific properties can help you determine the correct mix for your needs.

Here Are Some Key Characteristics Of These Pure Welding Gases:

Argon Is/Has:

  • Chemically inert
  • Suitable option for refractory/reactive metals
  • Low transfer of heat
  • Minimal thermal conductivity

Helium Is/Has:

  • A monatomic gas that phases at a high temperature
  • Fitting choice on nonferrous materials
  • High thermal conductivity/ionization potential

Carbon Dioxide Is/Has:

  • A compound molecular structure that causes complexity in the arc column
  • Carbon dioxide will separate into CO & O2 when in contact with the arc column
  • Potential metal oxidation or de-alloying properties

Work With A Qualified Distributor When Selecting Your Welding Gases

If you still have questions about your specific Welding Gas needs; work with a qualified and authorized distributor. When choosing, remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better. A mid-sized welding gas shop will offer all of the same services, capabilities and amenities as a larger operation, but will have the ability to deliver personalized customer care. Best of all, working with an authorized dealer means that you will have access to the same pricing model offered by the larger corporations.

Want to hear more about how Josef Gas stands out from other suppliers? Contact our team and request a no-risk project quote today!

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