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An Introduction To Flux Core Welding

Flux Core welding, Flux Cored welding, and Fluxed Cored Arc welding (FCAW) are different names for the same welding process. Flux core welding is used primarily in welding jobs that require a higher deposition rate than what regular MIG welding can offer.

The process is very similar to MIG welding with two significant differences:

  • A consumable flux cored electrode wire is used instead of a traditional electrode wire, and
  • An external shielding gas is not always required.

No Shielding Gas Required

Why doesn’t a weld arc require a shielding gas? In the case of flux core welding, it’s the flux itself that makes the difference. The core of the consumable electrode contains the flux plus other ingredients, which generate an arc-protecting shielding gas when exposed to the high temperatures of welding. The flux provides gaseous and liquid slag protecting the weld from both atmospheric contaminants and weak welds.

The lack of shielding gas makes flux core welding more portable than some of the other types of welding and more effective in outdoor weather conditions. Wind, for example, isn’t a problem when you don’t need a shielding gas to protect the weld.

Advantages And Limitations Of Flux Core Welding

We’ve already hit on some of the advantages of flux core welding – no need for shielding gases, portability, and high deposition rates. It’s also a quick welding method that isn’t limited by position. With the correct electrodes, flux core welding can be as simple as MIG welding, but choosing the right electrodes is critical to weld performance.

There aren’t too many disadvantages to flux core welding. Operators should be skilled in the method in order to select the right electrodes and limit porosity. The flux can produce excessive smoke, which can make it hard to see the weld and then there is post-weld cleanup to consider. The burned flux leaves slag or remnants on the weld bead, which must be removed once welding is complete.

Shop For Flux Core Supplies At Josef Gas

Visit Josef Gas online or in person at 201 Basaltic Road in Concord, Ontario for flux core welding supplies. We supply welders with the machines, electrodes, wires, gases, and related equipment necessary to get the job done!

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