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How To Calculate Your Forklift Propane Needs

When you partner with your supplier of forklift propane in Mississauga, the very first and most important step they take is to calculate how much fuel you need each month and when to deliver it.

Here’s a little insight into how to calculate your forklift propane needs.

What Are Your Forklift Propane Needs?

How does your supplier calculate how many cylinders of propane you’ll need? There are several steps involved in determining how much propane you’ll need per week. Here’s how we do it.

Here’s How We Calculate Your Propane Deliveries:

First, we divide the number of gallons you used in a year by 52 weeks.Calculator to determine forklift propane in Mississauga.

Therefore, if you used 16,000 gallons last year, if you divide that by 52 weeks, you use roughly 307 gallons per week.

Second, we determine the right size cylinder that works best for you. Subsequently, let’s suppose a 33-lb cylinder works best for you. We would then divide the 307 gallons by 33 pounds (33 pounds equal about 7.9 gallons) which comes to about 38 cylinders.

Third, we figure out how many deliveries you’d like per week. If you decide on 2 deliveries per week, that’s 19 cylinders per delivery.

Always Calculate In Some Spare Propane, For Emergencies Or Usually Busy Times

We recommend that you calculate in some spare propane. Josef Gas recommends one cylinder per forklift, per delivery. So, if you have 7 operational forklifts, you should get 7 extra cylinders every delivery, or at the very least, every other delivery.

Josef Gas Is Your Source For Forklift Propane In Mississauga

JosefGas is your independent supplier of forklift propane in Mississauga and beyond. We have the largest propane storage tank facility in the area, as well as our own 15 delivery truck fleet. This gives us the freedom to serve our customers in the way that benefits their businesses the most. It allows us to adjust our delivery system to fit your needs, not the other way around. Learn more about our forklift propane delivery, visit our website or contact us for a quote.


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