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Contact Josef Gas For Generator Propane In Brampton

We’ve seen many different uses for propane in Brampton. The most common uses are for forklifts and backyard BBQs, but one use that is becoming more and more common is propane generators. Most people remember generators as large, noisy, smoke-billowing diesel engines that keep the power on when the electricity goes out, but, just like…

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10 Essential Welding Supplies For Toronto Area Welders

  Welding wouldn’t be possible without welding supplies! Pros and rookies alike agree that there are just certain things every welder needs to make the job easier, safer, and more effective. Here’s our list of the top ten essential welding supplies Toronto welders need. 10 Essential Welding Supplies Auto-Dimming Helmet. Auto-dimming helmets are a huge…

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Avoid These 4 Common Safety Hazards With Help From Welding Suppliers In Toronto

Always being aware of safety hazards and using proper safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), are two ways people can reduce the chance of on-the-job injury. Without proper protection, welders are at risk from: Gas and fumes Electric shock Fire and explosions Exposure burns Let’s take a quick look at what kind of personal protective equipment…

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Forklift Propane Has A Long History

Forklifts are so common in warehouses and manufacturing sites these days that we tend to forget these workhorses weren’t always around. Even so, they have been around for quite a while – almost 100 years, if you can believe that. From Tractors To Trucks To Forklifts In 1917, we saw the introduction of powered tractors…

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Liquid Oxygen: Creating A Liquid From A Gas

If you have ever wondered about the differences between liquid oxygen and gaseous oxygen, we’re here to help! The fact that a gas can also be a liquid can be confusing but it all comes down to simple science. First things first: there is no fundamental difference between liquid oxygen and gaseous oxygen. Oxygen is…

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Colourless, Odourless Gas Has Its Place

Colourless, odourless gas is usually associated with negative things like Carbon Monoxide and Radon, but these types of gases can have many beneficial uses as well from food packaging to oh, allowing us to breathe! The most common examples of beneficial colourless, odourless gas are: Argon Carbon Dioxide Helium Nitrogen Oxygen A Deeper Look At…

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