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Avoid These 4 Common Safety Hazards With Help From Welding Suppliers In Toronto

Always being aware of safety hazards and using proper safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), areMan with hard hat and safety vest. two ways people can reduce the chance of on-the-job injury. Without proper protection, welders are at risk from:

  • Gas and fumes
  • Electric shock
  • Fire and explosions
  • Exposure burns

Let’s take a quick look at what kind of personal protective equipment from welding suppliers in Toronto can do to minimize these dangers.

PPE For Welders

  • Gas and Fumes. The fumes in welding come from either the reaction of metals being welded or the shielding gases used during the process. Breathing in those fumes can be dangerous, which is why welding respirators exist. Coupled with welding respirators, ventilation and exhaust equipment helps bring fresh air in and force fumes out.


  • Electric shock. Electric shocks can be among the most serious of risks for welders because the shock itself can cause injury or death as can any falls that result from the shock. Electric shocks happen when two metal objects that both have voltage touch. If the welder is holding these pieces of metal at the time, the welder essentially inserts him or herself into the electric circuit, which causes an electric shock. To avoid accidents like this, welders should wear dry welding-specific gloves and insulate themselves from the objects and the ground.


  • Fire and explosions. The biggest risk of fire comes from the welding arc itself. With temps reaching as high as 10,000 degrees F, the intense heat can pose a danger as can sparks and spatter. The best course of action is to remove flammable materials from the area, protect flammable materials that can’t be moved by covering them with a fire-resistant material, and keep fire extinguishers and alarms nearby and in good working order.


  • Exposure Burns. PPE is crucial to preventing exposure burns. Protective welding gear is made of leather and natural materials, like cotton, that have been treated with flame-retardants. Avoid synthetic materials that can melt in high heat. Safety glasses and a welding helmet protect the eyes from sparks, heat, and intense light. Leather gloves can protect from sparks, flames, and electric shock – as long as they are dry. Some welders wear ear plugs if the work area is excessively loud or there is a chance of debris entering the ear canal.

Visit Welding Suppliers In Toronto For Protective Equipment And Gear

Common sense, coupled with the right protective equipment, keeps welders safe and production moving along. Visit Josef Gas at 201 Basaltic Road, Concord, ON for all the welding supplies and equipment you need to stay safe on the job.


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