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Argon Gas In The GTA: Medical And Industry Advances Through 3-D Metal Printing

You may not know it, but many of our medical and industry advances are made possible through 3-D metal printing. This is because Argon Gas GTA -  3D Printer uses in the Automotive Industry 3-D metal printing can create specialized and precise parts or molds quickly and efficiently. Whereas in the past, the medical, automotive and aerospace industries were limited to devices and parts that were not specific to an individual’s needs, now they can be printed or injection molded relatively easily and cheaply.

This is possible in part because of argon gas. Argon gas is accessible and inexpensive and it also creates the stable, inert environment necessary for 3-D metal printing. Without argon gas in the GTA, Toronto’s industries that specialize in medical parts, like orthotics and prostheses, would not exist. Also, automotive and aerospace industries couldn’t produce the lightweight, aerodynamic parts that save us so much fuel, money and time.

3-D Printing Makes Customization Affordable

Because 3-D metal printing has become more time and cost effective commercially, customization has become much more affordable. Facial implants that are specifically matched to a patient’s bone structure and dental implants that match the precise shape, tone and size of the patient’s mouth are available via 3-D metal and composite printing. Orthotics, implants and prostheses are no longer “one size fits all,” which allows for faster healing and better mobility.

Improving The Injection Molding Industry

3-D metal printing is also improving aerospace and automotive industries. Injection molding manufacturers can 3-D print complex molds with highly efficient cooling channels that cut down on demolding and cooling times. Manufacturers can 3-D print stronger, more precise molds than ever before. These molds last longer than conventional molds and they create lighter, thinner more aerodynamic parts, which saves manufacturers money and improves the speed and function of the part itself. A lighter part means less fuel used, and that’s good for everyone.

Rely On JosefGas For Argon Gas In The GTA And Beyond

If your company is investing in 3-D metal printing, rely on JosefGas as your supplier of argon gas in the GTA and beyond. What makes JosefGas different is they aren’t sales people, they’re tradesmen with decades of combined practical experience using industrial gas. Call us or request a request a free quote online.


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