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3 (Plus One) Summer Time Welding Hazards To Beware Of…

Yes, it’s summer.  And it’s hot, but before you think it’s a good idea to beat the heat by putting down a few welds in your shorts and tshirt – consider these welding risks, and make sure you have the right protection to keep you safe on the job this summer!

  1. You protect yourself against sunburn at the beach– shouldn’t you do the same at work?  Just like at the lake, skin that is exposed to an arc while welding is susceptible to infrared and ultraviolet rays.  Even the quickest weld can result in burns to any exposed skin.  Ensure you are “buttoned up”, by wearing only flame-resistant clothing as well as a helmet, and gloves.  Light weight versions of any of these items are readily available – so the excuse that safety gear is just too hot, is just not cool!


  1. A North American wide solar eclipse happens Monday, August 21, 2017.   You wouldn’t dream of looking at the eclipse with your naked eye, right?  Well, the same holds true for the danger in looking directly at a weld arc.  A welding arc flash can cause burns to the cornea of the eye, the effects of which may not be evident for 3 to 12 hours later.  Even just an accidental glimpse of an arc can leave you with pain ranging from mild to severe, light sensitivity, bloodshot eyes and blurry vision.   Wearing a helmet with a properly fitted shade and approved safety glasses with side shields (and ear protection), is a must.  Auto-darkening helmets have sensors built in which quickly darken the lens. New welding helmets have different modes that allow the same helmet to be used for welding, grinding and cutting.   Protecting your eyes every day at work is just as important as during the first total solar eclipse in 38 years. Don’t you think?


  1. It’s not the heat…  It’s the humidity! When it comes to working on a job site, we know that really, it’s both.  Neither of which help in a situation where welded metal, filler material and surface residue combine to create fumes and smoke.  Using an exhaust hood, or respirator when required will help you stay safe and breathing easy.  So, in the spirit of summer, we couldn’t resist throwing in an extra…


  1. Have you been away at the lake for a month?Usually a TIG guy and today you’re switching it up?  Haven’t worked that machine in forever?  Before you start that engine – consider a refreshing refresher.  A review of the welder’s operating manual and the safety information and procedures could improve your productivity, and might just save your life.


Wishing you a Safe and Happy Summer!




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