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10 Essential Welding Supplies For Toronto Area Welders


Welding wouldn’t be possible without welding supplies! Man using Welding Supplies and safety equipmentPros and rookies alike agree that there are just certain things every welder needs to make the job easier, safer, and more effective. Here’s our list of the top ten essential welding supplies Toronto welders need.

10 Essential Welding Supplies

  1. Auto-Dimming Helmet. Auto-dimming helmets are a huge improvement over non-dimmers. As the name suggests, these helmets dim the shield automatically whenever a bright light is detected. This not only saves your eyes, it also makes it easier to find your weld joint when the mask is down. You will find plenty of auto-dim helmets to choose from; go with whatever you find to be the most user-friendly and comfortable.


  1. Workbench or Table. Depending on where you’re working, you may or may not have to provide your own workbench, but a solid surface is essential to getting a good weld. Choose from stationary or portable metal tables to keep yourself off the ground and more comfortable as you work.


  1. Gloves are probably one of the first investments you’ll make in your welding career. Be sure to purchase gloves designed for welding; they will protect your hands and lower arms from heat, sparks, and UV rays that are produced during the process. You may need several different types of gloves since there are different types for different kinds of welding.


  1. Respirators are essential to protecting your lungs from the fumes and even the inhalable debris that can be created when welding. Look for respirators that provide both fume and dust protection.


  1. Safety Glasses. Have you noticed a theme of safety equipment on this list? Your safety is the number one concern, so don’t skimp in this area. Safety glasses are the latest addition to our list. Sparks get EVERYWHERE, including under your helmet. Protect your eyes with safety glasses when welding or grinding.


  1. Angle Grinder. Grinders are versatile tools to have in the shop. Just change the disc and you can use them to perform many different tasks. Clean weld joints, smooth welds and cut metal all with one tool!


  1. Clamps. Even the best welder will create subpar welds if the material moves around on them. Clamps ensure the materials stay tight together and straight. They are especially useful when working on large pieces. You’ll find all kinds of shapes and styles of welding clamps and will likely end up buying several different types as you go further in your career.


  1. Measuring Tools. “Measure twice, cut once” doesn’t just apply to carpentry. Save yourself time, money, and lost materials by investing in and using decent measuring tools. Every toolbox should have tape measures, metal rulers, callipers, and metal T-squares.


  1. Rolling Cart. Unless you ALWAYS do your work in one location on your workbench, you’ll want a rolling cart. These carts come in all sizes and can hold anything and everything you need for the job: the welder, welder bottle, tools, etc. Don’t want to buy one? Make one as a fabrication project!


  1. Metal File. Metals files are essential finishing tools. Cuts can create lots of tiny metal burrs that you’ll need to get rid of. For larger pieces, you can use the grinder to remove the burrs, but smaller, more delicate pieces will be better served with a hand file.

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